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Errands In The City: On The Go Outfits

Practical Everyday Wear

For Living In London

If you were new to my blog or social media, you may think that I wear heels the majority of the time. Even my friends and family comment on the size of my boot heel or stiletto – more so now that I’m almost 7 months pregnant!

However, subject to contrary belief, I do wear flats too, especially when I’m running errands. Sometimes my day can be so full on and I’ll be rushing all over the place. Anyone who has driven or lived in London will know that errands usually require a long scout for car park spaces followed by a quick dash into position and literally running from car to shop to avoid hefty parking charges. Then it’s back and on to the next place. Coupled with the nursery run, a supermarket sweep and back home in time to cook dinner, there’s no time for high heels. Comfort is absolute key.

I’m asked a lot about best practical coats, best trainers and best shopper bags. Living in the city, there is definitely an arsenal of practical, comfy attire that you need. Neatly folded up in my bedroom drawer you’ll find my go-to basics like leggings and sweatshirts. One brand I am loving right now for sartorial, relaxed basics that are amazing quality (for a good price point) is Saint & Sofia.

My style is more on the sartorial side so for me, this means tailored coats (relaxed and oversized side versus sharp and stiff), a great pair of flats and a large shopper. You’ll have already seen me championing my favourite A.P.C. bag and here I am today with my favourite Isabel Marant shopper that’s super lightweight and surprisingly big. Sunglasses and a watch are definitely up there with ‘running errands essentials’.

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*I’m pregnant but everything featured in this post is main sizing.
Sweater kindly gifted by Saint & Sofia, watch kindly gifted by Rotary.




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Words & styling by Lauren Silvester, photography by Zoe Griffin

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