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Why I’m Still Completely Drooling Over Inbal Dror

& Longing For That Fishtail

Since getting engaged, wedding ideas have me deliberating and losing sleep over the most ridiculous things. I’ve no idea if this is normal so soon into an engagement? Or whether I’m already turning into the dreaded ‘Bridezilla’. When the millionth person asks Daniel or I ‘when’s the big day?’, we run through a list in our heads; are we doing it home or away, big or small, sunny or indoors. All before remembering to reply to the person. ‘Not sure actually’. 

Furthermore, for someone who is a planner for a living and another who is used to constant deadlines, I never thought we would have difficulty deciding things. Location is also a sticking point. Do we go full on romance in stunning Italy, head to Israel with the beautifully spiritual side taking prescience or do we stick to good old GB and say ‘I do’ under a massive glass roof in a beautiful conservatory with an outdoor garden. I actually found myself asking the other day, “hmm, how am I going to get flamingos to stay put when saying our vows?” (to which Dan left the room).

The beginning…

When a girl gets engaged, more than likely her favourite thing to do next will be to try on dresses, look at venues and pick a date. For me? I’ve tried on dresses once and realised how fussy I actually am. I tried on six dresses with my lovely friend Claire who had come over for a visit from Dubai (note to all, make sure you’ve triple checked your confirmed appointment time with the dress shops as I had a very bad experience with one cancelling on me last minute). From meringue to tight and slinky, I tried on a variety of styles and hated them all! I guess that means that when I do try on ‘the dress’, it’ll be an easy ‘yes!’

One thing’s for sure though, there is a designer I am totally obsessed with. Her name is Inbal Dror


I love fitted dresses with intricate lace detail, embroidery and beading. Israeli Inbal Dror is a cool, glamorous designer who is paving the way for other designers in the Bridal industry. She’s often featured online and in bridal magazines too so you may have noticed the dresses before. She studied in Israel (Tel Aviv) and then went to work for several years in Milan.

These exquisite and sensual gowns are cut to nip in at the waist and cling to those curvy hips while accentuating the chest. Having more of a curvier figure, they’re perfect for me to accentuate where I’d like and hide the bits I don’t. Each dress is truly is an opulent masterpiece and the designer uses only the finest soft fabrics. Styles include daring necklines and beautiful plunging backs all of which are implemented to flatter any figure. The attention to detail really is second to none. These haute couture style gowns come in a variety of colours. Given the nature of the dresses, they each need alterations as standard, to perfectly pour over the body in all of the right places so do set aside a substantial amount of budget for this.


L’chaim! (Hebrew, meaning ‘to life!’…)

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