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Recreate My DIY Halloween Grazing Spread

Healthy, Comforting & Sugary Treats

I find myself living vicariously through my children. Any excuse for a party (Mia had two birthdays) or a reason to celebrate and make a fuss and I’m there. 

Halloween was no exception. Our house is currently filled with black, orange and white balloons, ribbons, spiders and anything else you can think of that’s remotely associated with Halloween. We’ve had apple bobbing, toilet paper mummy games and (a favourite of mine), an R&B dancing witch.  

The food is what it’s all about though. Over half term, Mia and I took great pleasure in researching Pinterest and Youtube for Halloween inspired treats.

Grazing Table

In our community, grazing tables are a big deal. Whether it’s a Bris, a baby shower or an engagement party, there’s always an abundance of food. A celebration? Let’s eat!

I wanted to do a grazing table by myself. Ok, it’s not the best thing I’ve ever seen but it felt like such an achievement getting it done and it was so much fun!

It’s really easy, as long as you follow a few simple rules…


Homemade Sweet Treats

Hints & Tips

1. Layout: Keep the savoury on one side and work into the sweet treats at the end. Some fruit that naturally complement savoury foods (such as grapes) work well on the savoury side though and look great for a contrasting colour.

2. Detail: Mix large items with small and tiny-sized pieces. One of my favourite things to see on a grazing table are croissants with berries on either side and a serving dish of yoghurt.

3. Colour: Keep your food as colourful as possible and if there’s a theme, keep the colours similar. I wanted an orange theme for Halloween so made sure my Oreo bats had orange cream, and that we had some orange jelly and orange-coloured French Fancies. Make sure you are putting different colours next to each other for variety.

4. Heights: Play with varying heights and serve-ware. Most of the food goes directly onto the baking sheet that lines the table, but having some glass bowls, lazy Susans and stands will create interest.

5. Don’t take it too seriously! It’s just yummy food after all…


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