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Celebrations & Champagne Etiquette With Moët

Goodbye 2016 & Why I’m Taking A Blogging Break

It’s almost the end of 2016 and whilst it’s been an amazing year, I’m going to take a well deserved break. I can’t wait to dip my toe in the sea, climb through a forest without a handbag and best of all, not be glued to my phone! Whilst I’ll still be snapping the occasional picture on my Instagram, there’ll be a few scheduled blog posts and that’s it.

To You

I want to wish you all a fantastic new year. Thank you for all of the amazing support this 2016. I hope you make the most of the last few days and celebrate the biggest and hardest that your’ve ever done. What better post to write than learning some Champagne etiquette with Moët.

Celebration Time

Moët know a thing or two about Champagne. Their bottles are sold all over the world, quickly. I’ve been enjoying it for years and I know it’s always about to be a massive celebration when I hear a cork popping and see that little green bottle with the gold writing. Bubbles have always been drank when celebrating. The night I got engaged in Rome, the time I graduated, getting my A level results, getting that new job – heck even celebrating becoming a full time blogger. Memories and life changing milestones always have a bottle of two of Champagne in the background.

New Year In Style

Any celebration usually follows the same formula. Especially if you’re planning a good night out, it often starts by popping open the Moët and listening to that reassuring fizzy sound spill into the bottle.

Any celebration will start with picking the perfect outfit. Right now I’m so obsessed with this little red dress from (red is the new black as they say) – it’s perfect with some gold stiletto heels. I love the cutesy frilly skirted bottom and the fit on the waist and chest. The high neck also makes my arms look that little bit smaller.

For makeup, this dress requires only a bit of mascara, a good foundation and a top knot hair style. Less is more with all this fuss going on on the dress. My bag of choice is this beautiful clutch from my new favourites, Johnny Loves Rosie.

Etiquette advice from Moët:

In a Champagne bucket, fill one-third water and add ice cubes to top. Leave for at least 15 minutes before serving to bring champagne to the recommended temperature. It should be 8˚-9˚C/46˚-48˚F.
To open it grasp the base of the champagne bottle and twist it gently away from the cork (rather than twisting the cork away from the bottle) and the cork should gently ease away. Don’t do as Daniel does and pop it so it shoots all the way up the hallway of The Mondrian Hotel.
Fill a glass two-thirds full – ladies first, of course. 
Ice? Well, maybe. Thanks to innovations in the champagne world from the likes of Moët and Veuve Clicquot, Champagne on the rocks was a summer hit. If you’re heading for some winter sun a bottle of Moët Ice Imperial Rosé is the perfect celebratory accompaniment.

Why Go For The Magnum?

Experts suggest that champagne tastes superior poured from a magnum. Moët Cellar Master Benoît Gouez explains that enjoying Champagne from a magnum is simply a better way to drink champagne. Not only because of the bold and impressive visual aspect but also because of the way the champagne matures in the bottle. A magnum has twice the volume of a standard bottle (1.5 ltr) but the same neck size, so each bottle’s air content is the same, meaning it matures slower and therefore longer, resulting in a more complex and harmonious taste.”
In terms of glassware, Moët Cellar Master Benôit Gouez also comments “A flute is a traditional visual cue for champagne and sets it apart when ordered in a restaurant or bar, beautifully showing the effervescence of champagne in the tall glass. However, if you ask a wine expert, you’ll find they use a wine glass to drink champagne; ideally with a wider base and slightly narrower at the top to release more of the aroma for the drinker to appreciate. It also allows the champagne to breathe, creating a fruitier, superior taste on your palate. On Christmas day you may also appreciate the easier to wash glassware!”

Cheers and happy New Year! Xx

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