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New Trend: Button Down Dress Season

Each season there’s a new style that takes my fancy. Last time it was the Gucci backless loafer, today it’s the button down dress. Look closely and you’ll find them in nearly every store! My tip? Buy and wear now before the streets are saturated with everyone wearing the same outfit as you.
For the days that aren’t so hot I prefer to cover my arms and keep the neckline low to show off layers of necklaces. The beauty of this style is that it works really well for all chest sizes so if you’re full in that department, show off a little cleavage and if you’re not, well as Kris Jenner says; more room for diamonds! For this look I kept my heels plain and jewels gold. An extreme cat eye sunglass adds an extra touch.







Knit Dress – ASOS

Star Necklace – Pieces

Black Heels – Pretty Little Thing

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