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Topshop Are Paving The Way For New Season Nail Inspiration

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. A time where Starbucks bring back their Pumpkin Spiced Latte (amen) and Prada start selling their insanely good boots in abundance. For some our usual beauty regime will change. Upping skincare investment to protect against the climate, going a little darker with our hair colour and choosing velvety maroon lipsticks. I know I’m not the only one who looks forward to this season of mist, brown leaves and colder weather.


For me, Autumn nail colour isn’t about matching Halloween. I don’t love black, I save deep reds for Winter and more often than not, my nail colour will match a neutral scarf that I’m wearing. There’s never normally a dark brown to match the turning leaves or a bold orange to keep even the most prestigious costume shop happy on my nails, I much prefer to opt for colours with depth.


I started using Topshop nail varnish around a year ago. I’m usually always one to have a Shellac manicure at my local salon but these are a great alternative, especially when you think about how long-lasting nail colour put under a UV lamp can affect your nails.

The colours are available in beautiful soft nudes. There are also the metallic golds and vibrant whites. Or perhaps their deeper, darker colours like this stunning green and blue are more you. Prices are around £5 or £6 each and the handy shaped applicator makes precision painting easy.


Aside from the stunning taupe and soft cashmere grey, I love the unusual shades like the ‘Gold of Hearts‘. It glistens under the candlelight without that 14 year old girl glitter effect. The shimmery tones of the gold look great if you’re matching with a black jumpsuit. Great too for a pop of colour with your Winter whites for a softer look.

The blue shade ‘Hayden‘ looks great at a dinner for a splash of party vibe. It reminds me of a cold night I spent in New York on a roof top, drinking a martini from the bar. I was completely covered in gold accessories.

Darker shades like the deep navy blue ‘Wardrobe‘ remind me of lovely dark blue velvet slippers. The white ‘Joni‘ (£6) leaves you with bright white popping nails that won’t fade after a few days.
The great thing about Topshop nail varnishes is not only their price (£5 or £6 a bottle) but also the sheer volume of colours available. Aside from the coloured varnish, they also have some cool new concepts. I love their ‘Gel Nails‘, ‘Neon Nails, “Matte Metallic Nails’, and ‘Matte Nails’ like this stunning Milk & Honey shade.

What do you introduce to your beauty regime for Autumn? Xx

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