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An Urban Winter In River Island Studio

& How To Style To Suit You

It’s December and who else has noticed it’s surprisingly really sunny? I’m loving it! Although always a fan of heels, I also love that I’m ditching them more and more for some comfortable flats. As I did some shopping recently it got me thinking. So I have to be honest, I’ve kind of found River Island again. Maybe it’s because I’ve a little more of a flexible schedule since becoming a full time blogger or maybe it’s because I don’t have my head buried in my phone as much but either way, I’m going in there lots more.

RI Studio

I’d already heard of RI Studio and when I discovered they were launching a new urban collection I have to admit I was intrigued. Now you’ll have seen from the photos on my fashion section that I don’t have an average up/down body. It’s more on the curvy side with hips and a chest. So I often find urban and street style trends suit others a bit better. I’ve the most annoying shape to find sizes for too – usually between sizes on the bottom with a long 34 inch leg, and tops always one of three sizes depending on the style. No two dress sizes are ever the same on me (as I’m confident is the case for thousands of other women).
So ok, here’s what I love about the collection. I’m a straight 10 in the skirts, the coat comes up a little roomy so I can get away with a 10 or smaller, and the shoes are a perfect size 7. So no matter what piece I’m picking out, the sizes I know are right for me. Next, the quality. True to it’s urban theme, the collection includes a toned down mixture of knits, chiffon, satin and jersey materials as well as chunky footwear and puffer coats. This is River Island’s more premium priced collection but it’s still totally budget friendly.

The Pieces

Everything in the collection has been designed with the urban girl in mind. Whether you’re rallying around North London picking up your morning coffee, paper and bits from the supermarket or just hanging out and popping out for lunch, they’re super easy to throw on. They’ve been especially created to be wearable, practical and stylish. It’s a completely chic sports-inspired twist to their usual pieces.
For me though, it’s all about this gorgeous knitted grey skirt (above, £45). The waist band can be pulled down onto the hips for a longer, ankle length or worn as I prefer, a high-waisted pencil skirt with heels. The split detail and tipped point adds that extra edge and the wrap effect adds another dimension to an otherwise plain skirt. The ribbed material is super flattering too and not forgetting warm.
The footwear is also chic and sophisticated, reminding me a little of the Chanel sportswear. I’m currently living in these white black and suede mocha trainers (now reduced to £20 here). Practical, comfortable and like any white shoe, you’ll obsess over keeping them clean.


The jersey material adds a casual tone to any look all the way managing to keep it looking modern and stylish.
I love this black wrap midi skirt (£45) for my day time meetings as it isn’t as tight as normal skirts so gives me room to breathe. Oh, and run up Charlotte Street if I need to! Paired with an oversized grey knitted top and the RI Studio trainers, I love how casual I can feel but without feeling too embarrassed. No one wants to feel like they’ve just turned up in sweat pants. The ring tie detail on the side and pink strip around the bottom makes it that extra bit luxe.
For coats to throw on and instantly turn an outfit into sports luxe, these are great. I love this long black coat (below) with pastel pink lining on the inside. If I’m feeling lazy and just fancy a black top and trousers with some trainers, it switches up the look completely.

Have you tried anything from RI Studio? Which is your favourite? Xx


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