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90’s Vibes: New Season Mango Has It All & Here Are My Favourite Pieces To Buy

I was 4-14 years old in the 90's and...

… if there’s one thing I’m sure we can all agree on (if, of course, you grew up in the 90’s) it’s that when we reached the millennium we were sure we would never revisit the fashion of the era prior. But now, it’s back with a resurgence thanks to (among other things) Hailey Bieber’s Lady Diana inspired outfits and more recently, the Netflix Documentary “Beckham”, which by the way if you haven’t seen it, go watch.

But now I’m 37 and find myself once again littering my wardrobe with hero pieces that not only give a nod to one of the greatest decades for pop culture but remind me just how fun fashion can be. Sure it’s not the same ‘babe’ cropped tops with a glitzy belly chain belt and baggy combat jeans that fall off my hips but definitely a more mature take on the trend. Lucky for us, Mango are killing it with their 90’s pieces and so, feeling inspired, here’s a little edit of my favourite bits to buy right now. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links throughout.

Cotton wideleg trousers

The quintessential long 90’s trouser with a baggy wide leg and two side pockets. A must have for any casual 90’s look.

Short fur-effect jacket

I had one similar when I was 14 and think I may have lived in it to the point where it became my personality. Cringe! But I’d actually kill to still have it today!

Off-the-shoulder tulle t-shirt

Another 90’s inspired hit for me is this gorgeous green off the shoulder top in a brilliant 90’s tulle. I probably wore this with some skirt-trousers (omg remember those?) but this time around I’d pair with some wide leg black jeans.

Double handle buckle bag

I actually adore this bag! It’s in my basket as we speak, and I’d definitely wear it with some Winter beige or jeans and a ‘going out top’ (so 90’s ha!).

Mom comfort high-rise jeans

If there’s one style that we’ve seen each season over the last few years it’s the classic 90’s mom jean and Mango always nail it year on year. I adore this paired with the cropped blazer as pictured.

Stitched mini-skirt

Sex and the City debuted on June 6, 1998 and so the world was introduced to ballerina chic as mainstream fashion. I adore this grey mini skirt, 90’d up with this gorgeous pink wrap around top. Bring it more up to date by pairing with a white top and oversized grey blazer.

Boat-neck knitted sweater

Boat neck sweaters played a big part in 90’s fashion and I love this version in a gorgeous winter white.

Round neck textured T-shirt

Layers on layers on layers… that was definitely a part of my 90’s. I’m pretty sure I had several of these almost-see-through tops that I’d layer over and under almost anything. This one is such a beautiful colour.

Open-back knitted dress

I’m pretty sure I remember seeing something similar on one of the sisters in All Saints and wow do I love this one! It’s a wool and alpaca mix and what’s great is that the recycled polyester in this garment is obtained from PET plastic bottles, polyester textile waste or marine litter that are used to produce new fabric.

Handmade oversized wool coat

Hoodies under coats… it doesn’t get more 90’s than this! I instantly fell in love with this oversized coat when I saw it online and love the layered styling in this pic.

Short padded hooded anorak

Of course a 90’s style guide wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory cropped padded jacket! I’m sure I had one when I’d go do my paper round, even in the blistering heat. 

Oversized denim overshirt

I remember my very first boyfriend being really into the new Levi’s Twist in the 90’s and I’m sure I must have had a similar matching shirt like this. Yes, cringing again. This one is great though, I’d pair mine with some leggings and knee boots, an oversized coat and a vest.

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