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Brunching in North London’s Crouch End

North London’s Crouch End is an affluent, picturesque town with an interesting history. Becoming more middle class in the Victorian age, the area saw a surge in city professionals looking to live near the city and since then, it’s not stopped. Like most areas in North London, houses don’t come cheap. For a cool £1.5 million you can buy this terraced 4-bed house or if £1 million is more your budget, you can buy this 3-bed flat. Situated in the heart of the town centre is Melange. It’s interior is an industrial/vintage style (I totally want the white wall tiles in my bathroom) and the food a mix of rustic and contemporary Italian and French cuisine. 

This weekend Dan and I headed to Crouch End’s Jealous Gallery to look for some artwork for our lounge. After a stroll around the shops, feeling peckish we decided on Melange for a spot of brunch. On entering, naturally I checked out everyones food on the tables before taking our seats and when I saw the half eaten plate, I knew I was having the breakfast pancakes (£6.75). Dan chose the eggs florentine (£6.50). Stacked up with layers of strawberries, banana and some blueberries, the pancakes were topped with some crème fraîche with a side of maple syrup. The eggs florentine came with perfectly poached eggs (total food envy when they split open and ooze the yolk), the usual spinach and muffin and the home made hollandaise. Yummy.

For this delicious brunch with a skimmed flat white, an americano and water, I was surprised to see change from a twenty. Coming in at just under £18, this is definitely a place we’ll be visiting next time we’re shopping in the area.

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