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17 Ways To Say I Love You

Today Daniel and I celebrate our three year anniversary – the anniversary of being boyfriend/girlfriend. To this day I still remember vividly his face when he asked (I’d obviously made a fuss that I’d wanted him to ask me) and that exciting feeling when saying yes. Earlier today, I spent twenty minutes in our local greeting card shop (WHY are there no ‘Happy Anniversary Fiancé’ cards?!) trying to find the perfect verse (there weren’t any). 

Be it an unconditional love for my family, a love for a pet, friends or partner, there are many ways of expressing how you feel. Even after a few years of being with a partner (even my hub to be), there are still some fun new ways of saying those three little words. Here are a few of my favourites…

  1. On a post it note on the mirror in the bathroom.
  2. In a handwritten poem inspired by the late greats.
  3. Engraved on the back of a vintage watch.
  4. Written on a bottle of red wine that you bought especially for them from the year they were born (Dan loved this idea on his birthday and we drank it on our first night in our first home together – thanks for the tip Rosie).
  5. Written on the insoles of shoes, bought as a gift to your loved one.
  6. On a stone, found on a beach you both visited.
  7. Recorded on an old fashioned mixed tape.
  8. In the garden under the stars.
  9. Using your finger, drawn on their hand.
  10. Using sign language in a few different languages.
  11. On a love note left in their packed lunch.
  12. On a photograph of you in their wallet, (if you can get to it)!
  13. Spelled out using rose petals left on their bed.
  14. On a note left by a hot bubble bath that you’ve made for them.
  15. Written at the front of their favourite book that you’ve bought as a gift… dated and signed.
  16. On a collage of all your favourite places that you’ve been together, photographed.
  17. Failing all of the above, left on a Valentines Day card.
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