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Sassy In The City

My Style Talk Given At The Manolo Blahnik Film Of The Moment

“The truth is… the truth is I used to make shoes for lizards…”               Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards   There’s nothing quite like a good fashion film. Well researched, a feast for the eyes and more clothes and accessories than you’d imagine Gigi Hadid to […]

London Theatre | Goodnight Mister Tom

Although usually incredible, stage productions can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. A few weeks ago Dan and I had tickets to see a West End play but feeling very tired and not enjoying ourselves we ended up leaving before the end. However, this was absolutely not the case when we went to the stunning Duke of York’s […]

HERE’S TO 2016

Today I’ve a few reasons to celebrate. Not only is it the six month birthday of but it’s also the first day of 2016 bringing with it lots of new opportunities, aspirations and resolutions. It’s also day one of my 2016 ‘Dry Jan’. Last year by not drinking in Jan I lost a lot […]

Hello & Welcome...

Welcome to my blog, the place where I keep my notes on style, beauty and life in London.


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