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Sassy In The City

What Is Fashion Lego & Where Does One Shop For It?

Building blocks that create outfits…   If you read my previous post on how I would design my own September fashion issue you’ll have seen me talk about ‘fashion lego’. Essentially fashion lego are those wardrobe staples, the basics on which we can create beautiful and timeless looks. For the new season I’m building a capsule […]

A Modern Day Attitude From Estée Lauder (The Edit)

I recently got invited to a late-night event with Kendall Jenner at Selfridges for the exclusive launch of Estée Lauder’s new range, ‘The Edit’,. So you can imagine my utter disappointment at not being able to make it because I was going on holiday. It’s no secret that I’m Estée’s number one fan – peppered […]

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Welcome to my blog, the place where I keep my notes on style, beauty and life in London.


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