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Sassy In The City

How I Used Gaia Products To Recreate A Spa In The Comfort Of My Own Home

& Enjoyed A Truly Peaceful Time It’s even been clinically proven that switching off and giving yourself some much needed R&R has an abundance of benefits to the human body. However, regular spa trips can be a super expensive habit. So what better way to get a fix than to splurge on some amazing spa […]

My Weekend Detoxing, Resting & Recovering

Having just returned from Costa Rica, the first couple of weeks back working were rather tiresome to say the least. The laborious task of catching up on over 3,000 emails, voicemail messages and and tax return conversations with my accountant had me feeling like I needed another break. So when I saw the new package […]

Farmhouse Chic: A Review Of Dormy House, The Cotswolds

When you live in London, it’s so easy to adapt to the concrete jungle. High rise buildings, traffic on Regents Street, people everywhere… But remember, human beings aren’t designed to live that way and it’s amazing how it can affect you in a negative way. Being from Wales, I’m fortunate that I can visit my family there […]

Spa, Relaxation & Romance At Bank House

So the time had finally come for us to head to the luxurious Bank House Spa in Worcester for a much needed – and dare I say, romantic – weekend break. This was set to be our celebratory, happy three year anniversary slash Valentines Day treat and I couldn’t wait to down phones and dip my toe […]

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