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Sassy In The City

What Is Fashion Lego & Where Does One Shop For It?

Building blocks that create outfits…   If you read my previous post on how I would design my own September fashion issue you’ll have seen me talk about ‘fashion lego’. Essentially fashion lego are those wardrobe staples, the basics on which we can create beautiful and timeless looks. For the new season I’m building a capsule […]

3 Trends To Invest In At The Outnet

It’s easy to get carried away in the sales. It’s only when you return home, open those pearly gates (your closet doors) and realise damn it, you’ve nothing to go with those insane new culottes. That’s why although sales are super tempting, shopping smartly can get you discounted designer pieces all year round. Not a whiff of hassle or regret.

Trip To Venice | A Life Without Cars & Roadways

I’d studied Google images, chatted to my Venetian for tips and even consulted the Natwest Concierge service for some recommendations on what to do in Venice before we had arrived. It wasn’t so much knowing what to do though, the difficulty lay in actually getting there. A total surprise for Daniel’s mum, we managed to check […]

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