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Sassy In The City

Rotary: Masculine Edges & My Love Of Men’s Watches


Since getting the Rotary Henley Black Stainless Steel Quartz Watch,  I haven’t taken it off. I love the simplicity and the contrasting black watch face against the chrome. It’s such a statement piece and a more affordable route to owning a luxury watch, (£265)…

Astrid & Miyu Asked Me To Be Their Muse & Now I’m Obsessed With Their Jewellery

Inspirational women in Fashion…   When I got engaged a few years ago I almost completely stopped wearing rings. I just couldn’t find anything that looked great against the diamond and didn’t devalue the stone. Lots of pieces were too ‘fussy’ alongside the plain design too. When I got married, it was with a white […]

How Johnny Loves Rosie Stepped Up Their Accessories Game

& Why Their Clutches Are To Die For It’s Christmas Time And to many, it’s a time for sparkle, glitz and glam. Now when it comes to the festive season, I prefer to wear one or two understated pieces of jewellery and match with a simple accessory. I’m not a fan of glitter – sorry! […]

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