How To Check Your Breasts

A few months ago I felt two lumps so immediately went to my GP. I was then referred to the Wellington within days for a scan. Speed was particularly important because Cancer…

A Few Helpful Ways To De-Stress That May Surprise You

Yesterday Dan and I headed to Purl for a two hour cocktail making masterclass. As we sat and chatted to the mixologist, it was so nice winding down and seeing Daniel relax. It got me thinking. It’s so easy to let stress hijack your life. Life can sometimes be a constant fire-fighting session of prioritising and […]

#Smearforsmear & What To Expect In A Smear Test

This post isn’t pretty or fashionable, it’s not trendy and it’s not going to get rid of wrinkles. What it could do though is save your life. You may be the most physically active person (in terms of fitness) or the most obese; it doesn’t matter. Cervical cancer is still a risk. What’s worth noting […]

MailOnline | A Response

It comes as a surprise to many that I don’t read MailOnline. I’ve never really had much desire to nor do I have any interest. There’s no particular reason, it’s just that if I have a spare few minutes it’s usually spent on Instagram or looking at my favourite blogs InTheFrow, L.E.M, Core Kitchen and Frock Me Im […]