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Sassy In The City

Label Lusting: French Connection & 20% Off

There is nothing I love more than a browse around French Connection in the run up to the full on Autumn/Winter season. You know the type of day I mean. A Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte in hand (full fat with cream, I mean hello you can put weight on in Winter) with a cosy jacket that’s […]

Wardrobe Classics | Pea Coats

For the third ‘Wardrobe Classics’ piece, I’ve picked the traditional ‘Pea Coat’. You’ll recognise a good Pea Coat quite quickly in store and when you do, you just have to try them on. All of them. Sorry Daniel. They’re short, double breasted and sometimes with long side pockets. They’re usually quite thick and buttoned too. […]

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Welcome to my blog, the place where I keep my notes on style, beauty and life in London.


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