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I Tried Slugging In Bed & Here’s What Happened

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Slugging is the name given to covering your face in Vaseline. Yep, I’m mad, I coated my face in Vaseline before I fell asleep. Think I’m crazy? Funnily enough I’ve read mixed reviews about slugging. You may think you’ll wake up with spots or look like a shiny spoon but when I tried it, my results were shocking (in a good way).

Did you know that Vaseline – or Petroleum Jelly as it’s commonly known – comes from the bottom of oil rigs? Yep it’s scraped up, refined numerous times and panned into little containers. But despite this grave revelation Vaseline is one of the most respected, oldest and well-established products you can use in the beauty world. Even my Nan has a tub in her makeup bag alongside her Astrid cream.


I hold my hands up and admit that I haven’t used Vaseline much. Well, not since my first foray into makeup as a teen. Boy did I used to make that little tin work hard. It kept my (uni) brow in place, made my lashes more Bambi like, kept my lips supple. It also made an incredible cheek bone highlighter. It’s funny how once my budget (and subsequent makeup interest) grew, Vaseline just went way down the list. Eventually forgotten about like that last kirbygrip down the side of my bed. It’s only recently that I bought a little tin again when I ran out of my Paw Paw salve. That night, I had the idea.

“Hey Google, can you put Vaseline on your face overnight?” I questioned Google Home, her feeling relieved for the break from answering my paranoid health queries. It turns out that you can. Vaseline essentially works as a barrier. It locks in moisture and prevents the environment from ‘getting in’.  It’s important to do this on clean skin though. So I went ahead and used my cleanser, then smothered it all over my face.


The next morning I looked in the mirror and my face DID look different. I had anxiety that I’d wake up with a huge outbreak of spots or clogged pores. But I was actually quite pleasantly surprised. My skin did look and feel more moisturised than normal. It’s non-comedogenic meaning it doesn’t absorb into skin it just acts as a barrier so it should in theory be so good for you. I proceeded with my usual skincare regime that morning and marvelled at how much better my foundation looked. Whilst it was great to do now and then, I’m not convinced that slugging is the most environmentally friendly way of getting great skin and I’d be nervous to try it frequently.

Verdict: 3/4 stars


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