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My Secret To Low Maintenance Long Hair & How I Keep It Healthy

Key tools & some good habits...

I have to confess that I am absolutely neurotic when it comes to my hair. So this post may seem a little extreme to some but to me it’s totally normal. 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links & some gifted products, with no obligation to post.

In the few years, I’ve changed my hair habits dramatically and really started to take care of my hair. In return, my hair has grown longer than ever and it’s never been in better condition.

Now I’m not saying I have the best hair ever but if you want to grow your hair long, then this one’s for you. Naturally my hair is very thick, very dry and (unless managed into curls) can be very frizzy. My hair is also prone to damage, brittleness and reacts to humidity.

I had my hair cut into a long bob around 3 years ago and in that time, I have managed to grow my hair over 10 inches more. How? I’ll tell you. Here are my habits and rules that have helped me to improve the condition and stop breakage, manage split ends and avoid having cuts:

1. Washing: protein rich & UV protection

I wash my hair once every 2-3 days. Any more than that and it becomes dry and any less than that and I get scalp buildup. Each time, I wash it twice with shampoo and then use conditioner for a couple of minutes.

Silicone shampoos (most shampoos) are so bad for your hair because they suck out the true moisture and replace it with a fake film. So I use this 3″‘ More Inches Cashmere Protein shampoo which is packed full of amino-acids and UV protectors, which leaves my hair smooth, strong, resilient hair that shines with health. It works by reinforcing the protein building blocks of every strand, repairing the damage caused by daily life. Honestly I could not recommend it more. I also use the matching Cashmere Protein conditioner.

2. Treatments

I use 3″‘ More Inches Lifesaver Intense Pre-Wash treatment. It’s brilliant because you apply to dry hair and can go about your day (or sleep in it) and then just wash it out. So you don’t have to wait around in the shower for it to work. Once again it’s silicone free and great for coloured hair. Sometimes I also use The Inkey List Glycolic Acid Scalp Scrub which is great at removing buildup and cleaning your hair follicles to encourage growth.

3. Brushing: treat it like a silk blanket

I brush it gently and rarely and will only use this Tangle Teezer on my hair because it’s great at undoing knots and is super gentle. If my hair’s wet, I brush it only after I have applied this Magic Oil to the ends, and brush it through only once. If I’m styling my hair with straighteners, I’ll keep brushing to an absolute minimum, preferring to comb through with my fingers. Truthfully, I very rarely brush my hair at all.

4. Styling: tools & heat

Keep heat to a minimum. I rarely use a hairdryer, preferring to sleep on it wet in a loose braid or leaving it to dry naturally throughout the day. However, if I do, I use this amazing GHD Helios Dryer. It’s a game changer. I has 9 combinations of heat/speed settings and a cold blow button. I use it on the lowest heat and always, always, finish the dry with a blast of cold air to close the hair shafts.

If I straighten my hair, which is rare these days as it’s so long, I will not go without a heat protector spray. Most are great but avoid silicone ones. I use the GHD gold straighteners because you never need to go over it twice – which is essential when you are trying to grow your hair. 

5. Styling: ties & styles

I avoid tying my hair up tight as much as possible. In fact, I just don’t anymore. I rarely wear my hair in a high ponytail  and I don’t pull it back in a tight bun or top knot. The pulling and tight tying damages hair tremendously at the point of the tie, which weakens hair and causes breakage. When your hair is down, you might be able to see the breakage exactly where your hair tie normally is.

That said, I wear my hair up most days (especially as I try not to use any heat) but I use these incredible slip silk ties which are so much better for your hair than elastic and do not pull.

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