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Can These Omorovicza Hero Products Work To Get Better Skin?

Didn’t you know I’m getting married?

I’ve been engaged for a year now and still no date, sorry. Therefore I wanted to revisit some serious skin talk. You all know I can speak about skin and science until I’m blue in the face (excuse the pun). However with wedding skin, I have to take it up a notch. It can be said that it is really rather tricky knowing where to start. Until Omorovicza popped up in my life again.

Omorvicza’s Refining Facial Polisher (£65) has saved my skin on many occasions. Quickly it has become my favourite polisher on the luxury market. It completely gets rid of any unwanted dead skin and buffs to reveal a brighter, smoother surface. Rich in goodness (calcium, magnesium, lactobionic and exotic fruit acids ) and acting as a pumice, the soft texture works to remove irrelevant cells. Now that I’m getting nearer to the big day I thought I’d try out a few products that are that little bit more expensive and luxury. Namely the Illuminating Wedding Set (£185). Marie Claire and Vogue India have both highly commended this set so you can imagine it’s going to be pretty sensational.

Perfect Skin

My entire existence is centred around the condition of my skin (hey, I don’t have kids right now) so I’m tortured by the smallest of insecurities. I’ve noticed a few extra deepening wrinkles on my forehead and some uneven skin surface on my chin and around the mouth area. So paranoid am I that I very almost contemplated the vampire facial. Almost. Until I realised that I faint with needles and blood makes me feel queasy. 

Omorovicza have thoughtfully considered everything a bride could feel about her skin on her wedding day and developed a skincare set to conquer any concerns. Delicately fixing skin without any complicated mess or worst still, burning, Ormorovicza bring you detoxing, reduced wrinkles and restoration in (4) tiny bottles.

Step One

Copper Peel: In just two small tubes (intended to last for three uses), the product polishes and exfoliates. Application from the first tube is followed by a generous amount of the activator from the second tube, ultimately wiping clean the complexion and reducing pore size. Boy is this one serious detox.

Step Two

Gold Flash Firming Serum: Colloidal gold has been added to this product to help heal the skin and to strengthen. Age spots are targeted and reduced and (my favourite), it boosts collagen and elastin – which we all need to help plump skin and increase its elasticity. Interestingly, it actually brightens the face by restraining the production of melanin. There is a seriously noticeable difference when you use this.

Step Three

Illuminating Moisturiser: Taking hydration to a whole other level, this cream finishes off the regime perfectly. Containing apple pectin and plum almond oil, it restores suppleness and immediately reduces fine lines.

The Omorovicza Illuminating Wedding Set, £185.

Have you heard of any exciting new bridal skin care sets? Xx

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