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Loving Fashion: Comments On Vogue Documentary

Content on Sassy is scheduled usually about or week or two in advance. My guess is that a week or two ago you were probably doing just as I was. Tuning in to (or catching up on BBC2’s player), Absolutely Fashion: Inside British Vogue’. Now by the time this goes out, it’s probably still being talked about. If you haven’t seen it, it’s probably on your list of things to do. But for those who haven’t heard of it or seen any adverts, it’s an essential watch. For those who know, I work at their sister title, GQ, so it really was quite surreal having your office building on the TV.


I got so excited seeing inside our Condé Nast building, Vogue House and seeing the familiar faces on camera.

Essentially, the documentary is set up as a sort of ‘fly on the wall’ piece. Meetings are filmed, cover stars are discussed and you see behind the scenes of photo shoots with big name stars, like Kate Moss. Like the rest of the audience, I was captivated by the Fashion Director Lucinda Chambers. As she sits with Mario Testino and discusses the ‘squats’ they lived in, or talks about partying and being hungover, it’s tricky not to hang off her every word. She’s definitely someone we would all love to have a coffee cocktail with. I could resonate with Fashion Features Editor, Sarah Harris when she revealed just how many pairs of jeans she own, (82 if you were wondering) and watching her discuss her tagged NYTIMES Instagram snap was interesting.

Littered throughout the program are fashionista’s dream designers. Gucci tops, Chloé tracksuit tops (worn with pants and heels by the way) and hearing Julia Hobbs, Vogue’s Fashion News Editor talk about her Prada. Red. Sheerling. Coat. She explained it cost the same as a second hand mini – but she wears it A LOT.

The Program

It demonstrates the work that goes on behind both the printed edition of Vogue and the online content. Narrator, Richard Macer, toys with idea of magazines existing in 100 years time and challenges Editor, Alex Shulman, on the cover of the centenary issue, June’s VOGUE. For me personally, having lived and breathed magazines for the past eight years, I believe magazines, (VOGUE particularly) will still be around albeit perhaps in smaller circulations. Each to their own.


Vogue for me, even as a child has always been the Fashion Bible. Even as a Uni I’d save up my loaf of bread money to buy the new issue. Over the years, it’s always stood champion of the fashion world – even globally and long may it reign.

I’ve tried not giving away too much so head over to BB2 and see the two episodes for yourself.

Enjoy! Xx

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2 Responses

  1. Loved reading this, especially after I watched the programme – its almost like a little behind the scenes! The Vogue House is almost like my own Narnia (yet I just haven’t found the wardrobe to let me in yet, haha!) so I find it so cool that you get to go to work their everyday!!
    Lovely post!
    Maija Lily Xx

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Maija.
      Vogue House is definitely an experience, and coming from someone who has worked in many publishing houses – it’s the best!
      Take a look at their vacancies on the Condé Nast website, who knows you could be working there quicker than you think 🙂

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