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Sassy In The City

How I Do Zero Waste Luxury At Home

To me, there’s nothing more luxurious than a fuss-free, minimal home awash with natural fibres and organic products. I don’t just mean in the beauty department, I mean cleaning equipment and in the kitchen too. So here’s how I do waste-free luxury in my home…

The Positives I’ve Drawn From Lockdown Experience In London

As I sit down to write this post, I’m finding it difficult to know where to start. Truth is, I’ve family members with friends who’ve passed away having contracted Covid-19 and some of my family have had the virus. At the beginning of lockdown…

Have I Let My Clothes & Belongings Own Me?

During lockdown, most have us have been spending a lot of time cooped up with our belongings. All this extra time spent surrounded by my ‘stuff’ has encouraged me to do some re-evaluating.

10 Ways To Stop Comparing

The more time we spend in isolation, the easier it is to adopt a bad habit. Like, comparing. Comparing is up there with the top worst things to do for mental health, like, ever, and let’s be honest we each have fleeting moments where we dabble in it. 

80 Movies & TV Shows I Love

However you’re handling isolation, one thing is for sure. There’s never been a better time to distract yourself with some great TV (and IGTV).

What I’m Doing During Isolation

So you may wonder what I get up to all day, everyday, in the home I share with my two year old, Mia and my husband, Dan. Truth is…

Mental Health: In This Together

I’m no oracle (feel free to call me that though) and it’s not like I’ve ‘found my calling’ either (worldwide Pandemic, people) but…

This Is What A Psychic Told Me When I Was 21

Around the age of 8 I tried to contact the dead with a volume of determination not to dissimilar to me finishing off a stuffed crust margarita on a Friday night. I’d seen psychics do it without much effort on the TV. When the Ouija board wouldn’t do anything exciting though, my friends and I […]

7 Things I Have Learned During My 2.5 Year Marriage

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I am not easy to be with. Gosh! Hope you haven’t fallen over and aren’t choking on your snack ’cause I know, it’s a shocker right? Ha! Here are just a handful of things I’ve learned whilst…

My Tips On Surviving January

When you think of January, do those little niggling thoughts started to creep up? I’ve learned many things about making things less pressurised. Right now, the prospect completely excites me – bring on Jan 1st I have my cookbooks at the ready!

My Verdict On The New Versace Home Collection

Have you ever been at a really, really good party and been surrounded by incredible interiors? Like the messed up faces on (my favourite) Fornasetti cushions, or spiky ashtrays perched half full on the side of an expensive marble…

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