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The Life Of A Brunette

I’m tormented by thick, dark hair. Great on your head (who doesn’t love colossal volume) but not on the body.

I’ve written before about IPL but I wanted to let you guys in on a little secret. At home IPL systems for hair reduction don’t have to cost you the earth.

I bet you were thinking they’re around £500 right? And that you have to splurge to know that it’s safe and functional? Well no. You see Smoothskin have a slick cost effective IPL hair reduction device that you can use at home. The hand held treatment will get to work quickly on a multitude of areas.

So How Does IPL Work?

Light is used to absorb the melanin that’s found in the hair shaft. This is then turned to heat energy which essentially breaks down the hair follicle preventing it to grow. Then, the hair naturally falls out over the course of a few weeks. The aim is to reduce the regrowth and semi permanently remove the hair.

So Why SmoothSkin Gold?

Well, there are a few unique features. Its ergonomic design means it’s super easy to hold and navigate around the body. So ultimately it offers a simple, relaxed and effective hair removal treatment. Thanks to its dual modes, you can use it on the face and body too so no need to worry about switching products – it’s done in one easy fuss free manner with no need for gels. The product also has 200,000 flashes in its lifetime so literally can last up to ten years. Ladies, I bet you’re already working out your cost per use.

Additionally, it uses super safe technology which understands skin tone meaning you’re given safe and effective results. Note ladies, this does work better (as all IPL does) on darker, thicker more stubborn hair. Its time between flashes is just one second, meaning large areas are treatable in record time.

When I read that 96% of women trialled would recommend SmoothSkin Gold (just £250) to their friends, I knew I had to try it. It didn’t disappoint either, it’s just as effective as other brands. Luckily for me, sensitive skin wasn’t a problem because there are two settings – including a gentle mode.

The device is easy to use in the comfort of your own home. So while watching the Kardashians and whitening my teeth, my boyfriend will often see me sat there hair removing too! So romantic. Clinical trials demonstrated noticeable hair reduction after just 3 treatments and it was the same for me. Great for all areas of the body and normally good to do a 12 week regime followed by monthly maintenance treatments. In fact, you can treat the whole body in under 20 minutes. Lower legs, upper legs, underarm, bikini line and even your upper lip!


Thinking About It?

It’s worth considering before you purchase that whilst this is a fab at home treatment and relatively inexpensive (£250), it is usually more suitable for all but the darkest skin tones. The great thing is that the device automatically selects the right setting for you giving an accurate personalised treatment.

Have you tried IPL? Are you considering it? Xx

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