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5 Questions We Should Ask Ourselves If We Want To Strive For Success

How do you define success? Is it financial? Job satisfaction? Or just plain old happiness? Whatever you’re striving for it’s good to pause along the way and re-evaluate a few things. I used to think success was being at the top of my game in work but these days it’s more geared around feeling happy. I want to be tolerant, I want to make progress and I want to grow as an individual.

If you’re someone who is constantly honing in on just one subject, I hate to break it to you but other things in your life are going to suffer. For instance, in the early days I spent so long trying to figure out the right layout for my blog that my content went to pot. But spreading myself a little more meant that I was able to figure things out and get back on track. So taken from my experience, here are a few questions to ask yourself if you want to achieve.


Do people fill you with positivity?

Whether it’s a bad relationship with your partner or work colleagues, it’s important to surround yourself with supportive people. Sure at work it’s not always possible but in your personal life you are the one in charge. Does your other half support all of your dreams or tell you it’s unrealistic? Do you feel your most confident when out with your friends or do they put you down? Don’t let anyone hinder your opportunities or your optimistic nature.

What’s stopping you from achieving?

Some of us are guilty of expecting promotion just because we’ve been in a role for over a year. Having a sense of entitlement is one thing but finding out how to achieve and what obstacles to overcome is another. Knowing what you need to do above and beyond other candidates is a better way of climbing the career ladder. You’ll be lightyears ahead of those who are sitting at home frustrated with their slow development.

Work aside, what’s getting in the way of your other goals? Are you rested, full of energy and eating a healthy diet? Going back to basics is sometimes what it’s all about.

Don’t focus on what not to do

How many times have you paid a great deal of attention to what not to do rather than how to do something else? For instance, in a bid to be more happy some of us try really hard to avoid feeling stressed, we stay away from bad things and steer clear of anything that could distract us. But spending so much time on the ‘what not to do’s’ means you’re not spending very much time on ‘what to do’.

The more you give the bad things a miss the more it’ll become a habit giving you clarity to achieve better things. For me, avoiding caffeine, sugar, alcohol and cheese has become such a long affair that I now find it really easy to do and don’t give it a second thought.


What do you think is possible?

When I moved back to Wales from Bristol after Uni I knew I wanted to move to London. For someone in Langstone where the population is 3,000, London seemed like a far away dream. But if you believe anything is possible you will focus on how to do it rather than wondering if it can be done. Believing in possibility eliminates any time spent on doubt, leaving you with the precious hours to research where to live and how much rent costs. Think big do big. Think small do nothing.

What do you regret?

Aside from a few relationships with different boys, there’s very little I regret in life. My sister, a previous home carer, saw many elderly people pass away so her attitude is all about living life to the fullest. Sometimes I think of myself an elderly person and look back over my life. Am I happy? Having fun? Taking every opportunity? Or am I in a rut, bored, not doing anything life changing? Being mindful of what you regret will help you regret less in the future, thus feeling more successful.



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