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My New Year Fashion Resolutions

How I Plan To
Dress In 2021

Happy new year everyone! I hope you’ve each had a pleasurable break and managed to get some rest and take it easy. As I sit here reading some of my posts from last January, it’s crazy to think how wrong I was with my thinking when preparing for the year 2020. Then again, who could predict such a year? I wrote about beautiful outfits to wear to fancy restaurants and ‘casual outfits’ that were actually gorgeous silky PJs with 5 inch heels. I thought about all of the wonderful clothes I could wear for various holidays too.

The reality is, Covid-19, the virus that affected the world.. Have I stopped dressing up though? Actually, not really. I’d say this year I’ve pretty much stuck to my usual style. Obviously I don’t wear heels around the house but on the occasions where I have popped out, I’ve liked to make an effort.

To be honest it was important for my mental health to try to keep things as normal as possible, even though the reality was far from it. So flash forward to now and it’s got me thinking about 2021 and resolutions – in particular my new year fashion resolutions. We may be in the midst of a pandemic but fashion can give us hope and escapism. Fashion through lockdown has allowed me to express myself, feel good and also enjoy the what brings me pleasure in life (clothes and makeup).

Historically, fashion has always been influenced by the economy and unrest. In the 1920’s post pandemic, everyone dressed up in sequins and partied. In the 50’s, post war, we saw slim cut dresses, dancing and waists nipped in. Early 60’s it was bright colours, flowers, free love and breakthroughs in civil rights. So 2021 will be interesting.

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*I am 8.5 months pregnant but everything featured is main sizing (non maternity).

It’s also been super interesting to watch the huge shift in the fashion industry. Those brands who championed experiential stores and maintained their spot on the high street have suddenly had the rug pulled from under them just when they thought it was ok, and have had to quickly adapt to the one place they can make a profit; e-commerce. During lockdown we’ve seen so many new amazing brands emerging from all industries (not just fashion) which is exciting for 2021!

So what does this mean for my wardrobe in 2021? I’ve written a few new year’s fashion resolutions which I intend on sticking to. With baby number two due very soon I will of course have to consider practicality but above all I do what to be true to my usual style and not lose my identity.

Fashion Resolutions

1. I would really like to wear at least one piece of clothing everyday that makes me feel happy.

2. I would like to continue to reduce the amount of fast fashion that I buy and only invest in natural fabrics that last.

3. Even if I feel overdressed, if dressing up gives me pleasure then I’ll do it!.

4. I’ll try my best to stick to my own style even when I’m a mum to a newborn again.

5. Where possible I will try to buy clothing made as sustainably as possible to reduce my carbon footprint.

6. I will inject more colour in to my wardrobe this year!

Beautiful things I dream of owning in 2021…

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Do you have any new year’s fashion resolutions?

Words & styling by Lauren Silvester, photography by Zoe Griffin

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