What’s Your Signet Ring?

What’s Your Signet Ring?

Signet rings are about to become big news. Bold statement hey? Well, actually saying that, the traditional signifier of old wealth and breeding has been worn on the pinky for centuries already. Whether it’s a Grandad, a friend or even that annoying hairdresser that keeps knocking the side of your head every time he downs tools to talk to you, they’re actually still very common. Check Condé Nast for instance; signet rings aplenty! Most people know that signet rings of tradition are normally engraved with the family crest. The reason? Well, it stems way back to the good old days where the family crest would be pressed into wax seals of envelopes etc. Today in the fast paced fashion world though, forget coats of arms because it’s all about chunkiness, thickness and colour. From a luxury mens point of view, these days its the bankers and lawyers looking to buy them. Basically those that have made an effort over their look. It’s a sign of status – event the best stylists will consider this type of detail when working with actors and actresses for specific roles.

In fashion, these rings are on the verge of a big trend again. Forget the three teeny tiny rings on each finger that’s been huge through September, if it isn’t one or two huge edgy rings taking precedence then you probably won’t be interested. What I love most about this trend is that it’s totally affordable and there’s absolutely no mansion or country estate necessary.

Medusa pentagone ringI’m a big fan of big bold fashion statements. My Moschino logo tee is something I live and die in as well as bright coloured sunglasses and oversized culottes. I love chunky gold necklaces and I’m obsessed with my Nike Air Max Ones. Honestly, I literally need everything worn in the new Justin Bieber ‘Sorry’ video (see here) so this masculine Versace ring is right up my street! You can pick up this gold Medusa pentagone ring from Versace for £150.  

Bee Signet RingFor a more playful approach, Alex Monroe delivers their fun bee signet ring, designed for the pinky but cool on any finger. I love Alex Monroe because most of their jewellery is made in the UK and the prices are great. This would set you back just £165 and comes in either solid sterling silver or 22ct gold plate. 

carved signet ring

If gold isn’t for you then check out this chunky sterling silver carved signet ring from Henson. With space for your own engraving (should you wish), this can be worn on the pinky (size depending) for just £162.

asymmetric signet ring

For an edgier look (literally), this mens Maison Margiela asymmetric signet ring has a timeless classic shape with a twisted upper and a treated finish. I’m a huge fan of this worn with a simple all black everything outfit, chunky ankle boots and a black pom pom hat. Price £200, click here to buy (remember to buy a size smaller for females).

Wolf and Badger fans (like me) can pick up a gorgeous off-gold colour Rachel Entwistle ring named ‘The Creation’. For those who like a bit more of a story behind their purchases, according to W&B, ‘new Metamorphosis collection focuses on symbolic amulets, drawing inspiration from the natural world to create a narrative of personal transformation’. Price £245, click here to buy.

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