April 7

Here’s What People Think I Do & It’s Hilarious

I’m a self employed blogger, a stylist and I help fashion companies with their branding. I have this blog, a baby blog and StyleFinding.com which I use for my private styling work. I know it sounds dead glam but the truth is somewhat very different!


What my Husband thinks I do:


What my Dad thinks I do:


My Nan thinks I do:


What my friends think I do:



What my brother thinks I do:



My best friend thinks I do:


My clients think I do:


What society thinks I do:


What I think I do:


And what I really do:

What’s your day job? x

3 responses to “Here’s What People Think I Do & It’s Hilarious”

  1. Leyla says:

    film editing, definitely not as glamorous as it sounds! x

  2. Lauren says:

    Haha oh Leyla, I bet you’re way better at it than me! x

  3. Hannah S says:

    Hah this made my chuckle babe x

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