Welcome To The New Look SITC!

Welcome To The New Look SITC!

There’s something really exciting about a new season…


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Whether flicking the pages of Vogue’s September issue turns you on or not, there’s no denying that a new season needs to be celebrated. It welcomes new ideas and a chance to start afresh. It’s an opportunity for new flavours, colours, a chance to define a new (or modernised) style and make a statement with some new looks. This particular upcoming season is going to be HUGE for me. Not just in terms of fashion but in life. With a baby due in less than two weeks (gulp), I wanted a few things refreshed. After all a new season (like a fine wine) is about our ‘mood’ and mine has completely changed! Now that our home renovations are complete and baby’s wardrobe is full, I can turn my attention back to the blog.



New season, new look and all that. I really wanted to make some changes to SITC before baby came along so I could fully enjoy her and not be bothered by any niggling blog thoughts. For a while now I’ve been thinking about the design, the content topics, imagery and ease of use for you guys. Even the overall feel of the blog – the mood of it. I’ve been thinking it’s been a bit ‘stiff’ for a while, concentrating purely on luxury. So with the new season upon us, I thought now’s the perfect time to make some changes, have an image overhaul and introduce you to the NEW SITC! More upbeat, natural and even with a song to match each post so you can feel the same way reading it as I did writing it. Did you see the Spotify play button at the top?

Whilst I loved the simple aesthetic of the old design I wanted something a bit more welcoming. Something that would showcase the scope of content better. Something to suit my new ‘mood’. I want you gorgeous readers to instantly know you’re reading my blog when you land on a page. I’m not talking anything super exuberant, just a subtle change. For the new season I wanted a splash of colour to make the blog a bit more fun. I chose the pretty blush tone to complement my favourite colours; black, white and silver. I much prefer the grid style layout too, allowing you guys to see more content at a glance on the homepage so you can choose what you’d like to read. And of course, the fun bubble style text too. It feels so less serious.



So what’s new?

Photography. Whilst my passion has always been writing content, I get such enormous inspiration from the photographs too. Looking at the pics I can tell how I felt at the time and what was going through my mind. Going forward, I’ll be making them less moody and more playful. So expect to see lots of injections of colour as well as smiles all round! I can see from my Instagram that you guys love to know where my outfits are from (surprisingly, even my maternity pieces) and that you love a pop of colour. So I’ll always credit the outfits at the bottom of posts.

When I announced my new launch StyleFinding.com (a website dedicated to the business side of blogging) I received lots of lovely emails and messages asking about my logo design. I actually designed it myself (another side business). Now I’m not saying it’s a total work of art but it’s one I took time over. I wanted something black and heavy with a handwriten splash underneath. So I took this inspiration and transferred it to SITC. I feel the blog is now established enough for readers to recognise the acronym, SITC too.

The blog post topics are easy to identify. You can select ‘Topics’ from the top bar to reveal a drop-down list of subjects. I’ve also made it easier for you guys to find the shoppable ‘Wardrobe’ section and shop directly from my Instagram (‘Shop Instagram’) via RewardStyle. You can also catch up on all the latest (‘Coverage’) of SITC. This includes some exciting new interviews with the likes of FashionMonitor.com (a fashion and beauty industry insight tool used by brands, PR’s and magazines). I’ll be including other projects I have going on too. Keep an eye out for some big Instagram accounts that I’ll be taking over in September and October!



And what to expect?

In the run up to Christmas there are some cool sponsored campaigns coming up. As always, they’re relevant, not too intrusive and are in keeping with the theme of SITC. You’ll always know what is being sponsored versus what’s organic content as I always clarify in the posts.

There’ll be more content focused around styling (in the city) as well as lots more beauty. I’ll be upping the ante on product reviews and giving my honest opinions on pieces which I know you enjoy reading. There’ll be more emphasis on ‘advice’ posts too, looking at everything from dating to buying homes to wardrobe clear-outs. Even the best places for brunches, lunches and wine. After 9 months of not drinking, I’m sure I’ll be all over that! The blog will be treated more as a ‘blog’ rather than an in depth website read from now on too. This means shorter posts and a more natural style of writing.

On social media you can expect more frequent updates and more ‘outfit of the days’. I’ll be featuring lots more fashion accessories on Instagram as I can see from the amount you’re buying that you guys love to shop directly from the pictures. In terms of frequency of posts, that will remain the same. Who knows how much time the baby will take up! I’m asked all the time when am I starting a YouTube channel. Well the truth is I do have one but there’s only one video. I did try last year and uploaded a few videos but really felt they weren’t the right direction to go in. I’ve brainstormed a few ideas and I know which way I’d like to take the channel. But for now it remains dormant until later in the year.



So enjoy reading, enjoy the new design and have a great start to the new season!

I hope you love the new Spotify button and listening to my favourite music whilst reading my posts too!


Lauren x



    • Lauren
      September 23, 2017 / 12:26 pm

      Thanks Emma, love your blog too! xx

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