October 27

Be A Warrior Not A Worrier: Book Review


Ever since I was a little girl I’ve enjoyed romantic trips alone to… The Works. Seriously, the smell of all that paper teamed with some cool coloured pens is my actual heaven. What’s even better is that most of the books there are actually really decent, some often charting. I picked this one up for around £4; it’s nearly £10 on Amazon, with a £12.99 RRP. Sure it came with my husband’s disapproving head shakes (he thinks our bookcase is about to break into pieces under the weight of my obsession) but it was worth the price of a coffee.

I took this to The Fish Hotel during our break to The Cotswolds. I ordered myself a coke (oooh spoiling myself) got my pen and paper (I like to write my life admin to-do lists while I read, I know, weird) and sat down to read. I finished it in under 45 minutes.



  • Quick and easy to read
  • Some nice life hacks and tips for self care
  • Clearly organised in to sections (so you skip some if you like)
  • Makes a nice gift for a friend
  • Covers a lot of ground (work, relationships, money, nutrition, sleep…)
  • Cheap and cheerful – it put me in a good mood and left me feeling motivated (my to do-list was 82 points long at the end)



  • Heard a lot of it before
  • Could not repeat one bit of information now, even if you offered me a hundred quid (but I guess that’s because I was so tired reading it)

Order your copy here.

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