September 2

Stepping Out In Something Outside Of My Comfort Zone


Sometimes I look at magazines and people on the street and think wow, they look so cool! But in those instances their looks rarely translate to stylish on me. Maybe it’s a confidence thing but I think it’s more to do with my body shape. I usually just feel really uncomfortable.

Avoid Being Uncomfortable

I normally stick to clothes that have a pretty similar fit (I’ve got quite big hips and a chest). If something isn’t fitted at the waist, I’ll often look bigger than I am. I also rarely wear shorts. Well, unless they’re ripped denim ones or beautiful fitted ones like these in this blog post. It’s not for any particular reason, I just hardly ever see a pair that I absolutely love. So when I see a girl with a straight or athletic figure, I know I can’t always pull off their style. Especially if it’s androgynous.

But I thought to hell with all of that. I’m going to step outside my comfort zone and try something a little different…

I wore a navy, woollen, sleeveless blazer when I was pregnant. It looked really good over wide leg culottes, nipped in under my belly with Gucci Marmont belt. So when I saw this ASOS one, I thought it’d get so much wear out of it! The check pattern is cute but it is SO, not, me. Paired with a white tee with not a hint of cleavage is also SO, not, me. I love the look all pulled together (the Balenciaga clutch and Fila trainers are incredible) but it’d be suited to someone with a different body shape. It’s not something I’ll be wearing again!

Verdict: 1/4 (I did love the trainers and bag)

I’m Wearing:

Sleeveless Blazer – ASOS Design (now in sale)

White tee – M&S (amazing quality and only £4.50!)

Fila Trainers – Deichman (gifted)

Balenciaga Clutch – Balenciaga

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