Try A Trend: Visor

Try A Trend: Visor

Have you looked in the mirror recently and thought gosh, I sure do miss the hairdressers / local threading salon / facialist (delete as appropriate)? Don’t worry, so have I and I’ll be honest I’m not usually one for an insane amount of grooming.

It’s crazy to think that we’ve already been in quarantine for over a month. Looking back at my style these past few weeks it’s clear that I’ve finally found a decent balance between getting dressed properly and staying comfortable. Yes, there are days where I don’t change out of my ‘house clothes’ (aka PJs for us normal lot) but I’ve noticed that when a Zoom meeting does go in to the diary, my neutral, timeless staples are what I gravitate towards most. Loungewear not so much. Honestly, I wear my jeans more than joggers!

Based on what I see you guys buying from my website, I can see a small change in habits. It seems we’re all trying a new trend or two. Today I’m trying a new trend – visors! While it may take me a while to part with my cash and splurge on this Prada visor, for now I’m sticking with my M&S gem from last season. Here are my favourite high street and high end visors.




High Street Visors


Words & styling by Lauren Silvester, photography by Zoe Griffin

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