Summer wedding guest outfit inspiration






You’ve just been invited to another wedding and happy days, you’re arranging the babysitter as we speak. What do you do next?


a) Think ‘ugh, another expense’ and drag out something you’ve worn ten times (blowing off the cobwebs first)

b) Panic, open your laptop and search for dresses with card in hand (sort by low to high – you don’t wanna break the bank)

c) Rejoice! You’ve already got a dress hanging up in your closet that’s perfect!










I saw this green broderie ASOS Design dress a few weeks ago and weighed up the pros and cons before spending £75. Pros – it’s gorge, it’s thick ribbon straps mean it’s not too fancy/cocktail hour-ish and it looks great with flats or heels. Cons, what cons? So for me it’s an investment dress that would work for picnics, shopping, drinks and yup even a wedding guest outfit.

The back detail gives it that extra bit of interest and the side flair added to the skirt gives it a bit of a Spanish twist. When looking to invest in a dress for all occasions, I always try and pick two things that set it apart from anything else in my wardrobe so look for details like these that will set it apart from your other dresses.




Multi Functioning Dresses


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