Standing Out: Being You in a Jumbled World

Standing Out: Being You in a Jumbled World

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It’s argued that the beauty industry is turning us into a world of clones. The same botox, inflated lips, cheek fillers etc. it’s no wonder we struggle to tell TV personalities apart these days. From hair extensions and semi permanent lashes through to the latest Charlotte Tilbury shade of lipstick we all want a youthful, contoured and enhanced look. Throw in the newest Topshop heels and the allure of that black Zara coat and you’ve got yourself a carbon cut out of a modern day woman. In 2016 London’s West End drew in sales reaching £2.34 billion in the run up to Christmas. So imagine how many people bought the same clothes, makeup, fragrance, even the same John Lewis stool, photo frame and rose gold notebook as you. You could agree that it’s hard to stand out from the crowd and have your own original style.


Be a mermaid in a school of fish…

There’s competition everywhere in life; going for a new job, reaching up the career ladder, getting that last place on a committee etc. But it’s becoming more difficult to stand out. No longer are we referred to as ‘a person’ but instead we’re now a list of ‘things’ (achievements, style, qualifications). Whoever has one more ‘thing’ than the other is considered the more desirable candidate. Think about it. A fair amount of people are now Graduates so many students stay on to gain their Masters or PHD. Many speak multiple languages so some learn sign language or pick up another skill. It’s about bettering yourself, having one more ‘thing’ to send you to the top of the eligibility list. But does it really have to be like that? What makes us a ‘stand out’ person?

In my case, (fashion and beauty aside) when it comes to my job I’ve said before that many people think blogging is easy and something that you can pursue as a full time career overnight. Ask any blogger and they’ll tell you how difficult it is and just how much effort goes in to creating content. But on the contrary I’m noticing that having a blog is becoming as common as having a Twitter account. Whether it’s style, beauty, travel or food content it’s getting harder to break away from the school of fish and be a mermaid; it’s difficult to be unique and not like every other blog out there. So on a personal note for me it’s imperative to stand out.


Care to be different?

As a society is it fine that we’re becoming clones of one another? Going to the see the same films, owning the same IKEA plant? Sure we can kick back, share each others interests and wardrobes and not give it a second thought but why are we so lazy? Too busy and too tired to do different? Motivation for originality seems to be decreasing and lots of people seem okay with that.

The Kardashians have seen many all over the world aspire to be like them, wear the same clothes, buy the same things. It’s why they’re so successful and why many more influencers have sprung up since. Consumer habits are being influenced by individuals more than ever before but what happens when those ‘influencers’ all look and style themselves the same?


Are you flicking through Instagram? On Facebook reading your peers status’? Stop. The way we’re consuming media (TV, Instagram, etc) is boring. Looking at the same outfits, watching the same story lines and not investing energy in ourselves and our future. It’s dead time.

When you look at something and then see the same style four, five even six times over, you’re being influenced to think that that is the norm or that’s ‘in fashion’. It isn’t. It’s an edited portrayal of what you’re supposed to think is worthwhile buying. It’s what magazines, TV adverts and radio have been doing for decades. Once you’re wise to what you’re consuming, you’ll notice that you need to make a change. Read a book, visit a museum, exercise that brain of yours.

Unleashing innovation

Try a digital detox. Put your phone down and leave your car at home. Catch up with your friends, have a conversation face to face. Look up and at your surroundings. Feel inspired, free and remember what it’s like to not feel under pressure. As humans we’re not designed to be dictated to, to conform or succumb to peer pressure. We’re wired to be curious, inquisitive and to learn. You’ll find yourself having different experiences to other peoples, ones that you can interpret in your own style. Making up your own mind, coming to your own decisions. That’s about standing out. You’re not designed to be a ‘me too’ person. Plus on that walk you might find that that poor quality thin jumper you paid way too much for isn’t even keeping you warm.




Express Yourself

“Dancing is my form of expression and not for other men” said one of the girls on last night’s episode of ‘First Dates’. She was a fire breather and a dancer and whilst she didn’t look like everyone else, she looked amazing, totally owning her unique (and fabulous) style. Expressing oneself is becoming more difficult particularly with the online community the way it is. Opinionated, crass and not afraid to bully. So many young teens are now growing up with severe anxiety because of the bullying and comments online to the point where many are afraid to dress a little differently or have their own opinion.

How many of you voted ‘leave’ and were afraid to admit online? How many voted ‘Conservative’ but didn’t want to say on social media because of the tirade of comments from complete strangers who were so passionately ‘Labour’? To stand out from the crowd you need to have the confidence to own your own style and thoughts and care less about what other people think. Perhaps the more people did this the more it’d be uncommon to be the same as everyone else.



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