Your Reinvention in 5 Easy Steps

Your Reinvention in 5 Easy Steps

Is it really worth it?

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When I think of life I think of people. The fashion and hobbies. Take each individually and they all have one thing in common. Evolution. Constant evolution. People are growing, learning and enriching their lives with new found interests. We have ‘fast fashion’ (in one minute out the next), ‘luxury fashion’ (usually the same style just branded differently) but both are always changing. Fashion is essentially ‘this is what’s popular right now’. Fashion is the process of revisiting something and making it fresh again. So I guess you could say that reinvention is everywhere we look. Whether we’re bringing back the old with a different spin or starting over and making something completely new and different, it’s a habit we can’t ignore.



A date…

A wise woman once said I could be anything I want to be. As humans we can adapt, make changes and plan life differently. This in turn means our future can be edited just the way we want it. But how do we make that change? Where do we start? The same woman told me to choose a day in my diary and jot down “today I start as a new person”. Odd but it actually works. For weeks I’ve been in a state of unorganised chaos. Who am I seeing this week? What plans do I have for the blog? When am I going to lose the baby weight to wear my old clothes? (or buy some new ones!)I promised myself that on Friday 17th November I would become the most organised, sorted person I know who is brimming with self confidence and not letting anyone tell her how to act. I’ll let you know how I get on!

There are many examples of reinvention. Take Gucci, For a while it was stale, sale and old hat. Since new Creative Director, the eccentric Alessandro Michele has been appointed though it’s zipped back up there and is now a brand to be seen in. Similarly look how Deliveroo and Just Eat have reinvented take-out and how Google quickly reinvented the Yellow Pages. Without personal reinvention, would we become nothing? Might we revert backwards rather than improving ourselves?

It made me think. Is it possible to completely reinvent ourselves? Can we collectively as a batch of women wake up one day and decide that “today I am reinventing myself” and actually see it through long term?



#1 Start with an interest…


Ok, now I’m not talking about us all becoming someone who’s a stark contrast to our former selves. Unlike Madonna we can hold on to our purple elasticated thongs and gyrating hips and instead look at things we can do daily to make a contribution to our future. After all, reinvention is about looking forward and changing into a better, newer version of ourselves. Angelina Jolie for me is the queen of reinvention. Formerly a sex symbol with only one or two films under her belt, now a worldwide activist giving aid to charity wherever needed. Look at George Foreman even, once a boxer now the grill master. It seems that reinvention needs to start with a particular interest and then be expanded on.






#2 Journey of a thousand miles began with one step…

Reinvention can be tough. Not just because of self confidence and the self doubt that goes with changing yourself but because society is geared up towards making it hard for us. Are we destined to climb the career ladder, earn a decent wage only to spend more on holidays, get bigger houses and better clothes? Have we lived a successful life if at 60 we’re retired with a stable pension? The dreamers among us fantasise about the next block of time off from work. Will we spend our days practicing yoga, taking up sailing or holidaying? If we’re plodding along doing the same old everyday, are we really fulfilled in life or just adhering to what’s expected from us? Taking the leap means listening to that voice in your head. Remember, it’s not the destination it’s the journey.



#3 All about you

Once you’ve identified your interest or decided how you’d like to reinvent yourself, it’s important to remember why you’re reinventing. If it’s to get a man’s attention then you’re doing it for the wrong reason. You have to be true to yourself for it to work. Never dumb yourself down or be disingenuous. Believe in yourself and the reason you’re doing it. Be bold about your decision and don’t be afraid to tell others what you’re doing. Their support will help no end.



#4 Have trust in yourself & be persistent

Breaking up, moving to a new city, considering what you’d regret in life when you’re old and grey. Goals, job satisfaction… Whatever your reason for reinvention trust in your decision and have the confidence to see it through. Use it as your opportunity to finally become more optimistic, more assertive. Or perhaps you’d like to be more independent, or calm, serene… If you don’t have a need to reinvent then leave it there. Remember, Christian Louboutin never saw a need to reinvent their iconic red sole.



#5 Reflection

I know I’ve talked about evolution and moving forward but it’s vital that we take the time took back and take note of what we’ve achieved every day, couple of days or week. It’s all too easy to overlook each of the steps forward that we’ve taken (however big or small) and through any personal journey its integral to maintain motivation and the realisation that we can indeed ‘be anything we want to be’.







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