Three Ways To Wear Blue & Black

Although once considered a fashion faux pas, blue and black quickly became the go-to colour palette of choice. All around the world in fact. Don’t believe me? Well, just check out all of the fashion week pictures from Milan, New York, London etc. As I prepare for my post-baby closet, one sure fire way to kick start my Autumn/Winter wardrobe is to inject some neutral colour. But not camel, white and grey. I’m talking blue, black and gold or white accents. Whilst I’m hoping for some sunshine to last us through September (it’s possible), I’ll leave the heavy coats and cable knit jumpers for another time. I’ve curated my favourite three looks which you can shop by clicking the image.

Style Finding: The Business Of Blogging *News*

It’s been a while since my last post. There’s a reason. I’ve been squirrelling away finishing some private appointments and getting ready for my new launch. To give you some background, I’ll start at the beginning. My husband works for a top London ad agency and I spent 8 years working for market-leading UK magazines. So you could say digital is a big part of my life. My career was spent liaising with luxury brands – convincing them to advertise in print and online.

Dating Rules To Think About

Writing this post whilst almost 8 months pregnant feels a bit bizarre. Truth be told I haven’t dated anyone except my husband in four and a half years. A long time! So long in fact that I was one of the last singletons right before the launch of ‘Tinder’, ‘Happn’ and the many other weird and wonderful dating apps around right now. But take algorithm matches, pre-judged assumptions (of photographs) and pre-date online stalking out of the equation and what your left with is a pretty universal date situation. A man and woman (or two women, or two men) coming together over a glass of wine (or vegan juice) with the mutual desire to want to get to know one another. But it doesn’t come without its complications.

Summer Styling & Life In A Busy City With Joules

(*Sponsored*) Joules is a place I love to browse for my city weekend essentials. Not to mention stocking up on versatile pieces for trips to Cornwall and the Cotswolds. Mix and match basic staples or enhance a day to casual night time look with their gorgeous slides.

In the city, layers are really important. In London it’s often warm one minute then you’re reaching for your coat and brolly the next.

Bad Habits Obstructing You From Reaching Your Goals

I’ve had a lot on my plate and whilst I like to think I’m the Queen of productivity, sometimes I’m at risk of getting in over my head. Take the blog for example. When I started it I made a mental list of everything I wanted to do, a set of rules. I wanted to upload blogs everyday, create new content for readers that’s different to others and develop my portfolio of ‘In The City’ brands, (take for instance).

How To Be A Nuclear Networker

“What’s a nuclear networker?”

I got asked when I mentioned I was writing this post on Twitter, Instagram and to some friends. In truth it’s not a ‘real’ industry term. It’s something I made up to emphasise the power of said networker. High energy, impacting and extreme. One of ‘nuclear strength’. Over the years working for top magazine brands I’ve met some extremely successful people –  both while working and whilst socialising. A good networker can build bridges but a nuclear networker can walk across said bridge, take a bottle of wine, visit the home and become firm friends with the person.

A-Z Of This Season’s Luxury


…has kicked off to a great fashion start, despite the typically unpredictable British weather. If you can wade through the sales, high street store Zara’s new A/W pieces are not to be ignored whilst designer brands like Chloé, Alexander McQueen and Gucci are a total feast for the purse.

London Bucket List

As we sat waiting for our drinks to arrive, I confessed to Daniel that now we were at The Ivy, I wasn’t sure there was anything left in London that I really, really wanted to do. It was the last unchecked item on my London bucket list, a list that’s taken me almost nine years to get through. Could I really have finished my London bucket list? Are there really no other iconic restaurants, no landmarks, nothing left to see or do? The Ivy totally lived up to my expectations. From the service to the food to the ambiance, everything was ten out of ten. It was one of those dates where you’re having such a good time you purposely take two and half hours to eat your three courses (thank you, Daniel)!

Time For A Social Media Break? The Ugly Truth

It seems people do think that social media is having a negative impact on our lives. So much so that people are agreeing it’s destroying the art of conversation and it’s ruining our creativity. Communication and creativity are essential life skills to any human so what’s the future for us? When I think of myself with my daughter in years to come, I wonder what she’ll be like at 14. Will she be hanging out in town like I did, wondering if there was anything in New Look to fit her £10 pocket money budget? Phones a thing for adults and something we’d never bother to want? Or will she follow in my footsteps, take an interest in online sociology and become a blogger? One thing’s for sure, she certainly won’t be allowed online for hours and hours.

How To Create A Life You Truly Love

Last night I lay awake until around 2.30am, my mind in absolute overdrive. I’ve two brand extensions in the pipeline (coming this Summer) and with baby on the way my thoughts are all over the place. Blog post ideas for; baby brand collaborations for; how our decorating is coming along; dear, is my baby moving enough? It’s tormenting at the best of times but when you’ve even more than usual going on and are reluctant to tell people your business plans, it’s hard to switch off. I almost got up at 3am to pour out a blog post entitled “The Women Who Made Me”. I was consumed with paragraphs of things to write!

30 Piece Dress Edit: Trends At Matchesfashion

This Summer whether your style remains elegant and glamorous (hello sequins and flattering cuts) or pretty and feminine (can’t get enough broderie anglaise?) have you covered. I for one am wearing dresses every other day – even when it rains. Just throw on a biker jacket and some sneakers or boots and I’m ready to play. Particularly as I’m heavily pregnant! It’s so much easier dressing a bump (or those extra pizzas) with a cutesy little dress.

Your Biggest Asset: Investments To Make In Yourself

“Your poker privileges have been revoked”

It flashed on my iPhone. I was sat at an online poker table playing for cash. All was going well. I’d multiplied my buy-in by five on my last hand while shopping in the supermarket but now I couldn’t continue. The feelings I had in that moment are largely a mixture of anger, annoyance and fear of missing out. Then I remember. Like many impulsive habits, gambling can be addictive. Importantly I recognise that it’s just a game and I pop my phone back into my bag. Turns out there was a problem verifying my age as my driving licence refers to my maiden name (I digress…).

Our Intimate Garden Wedding: A Photo Story

We held our small, emotionally charged Jewish wedding at my husband’s parent’s beautiful home in North London. Their home is absolutely stunning, warm and welcoming with a gorgeous garden – the perfect wedding venue. As I was 6 months pregnant, finding a dress was beyond difficult (try telling London boutiques that you’re expecting and need a dress within 4 weeks). But all the planning and attention to detail was worth it.