5 New Skincare Products I Use Until Empty

I’m often asked to review new launches or try out products before they’re launched on the market. I only truly love a small proportion of them meaning that there are many products I don’t rate enough to put on the blog. So with the new season upon us, I’ve been trying out a whole load of new skincare pieces. I don’t know about you but my skin is in total transition. Probably from the pregnancy hormones but also from this change in weather and temperature. Some products I’ve loved, some I’ve broken out in rashes with and others I simply just didn’t believe the hype.

Three Ways To Wear Blue & Black

Although once considered a fashion faux pas, blue and black quickly became the go-to colour palette of choice. All around the world in fact. Don’t believe me? Well, just check out all of the fashion week pictures from Milan, New York, London etc. As I prepare for my post-baby closet, one sure fire way to kick start my Autumn/Winter wardrobe is to inject some neutral colour. But not camel, white and grey. I’m talking blue, black and gold or white accents. Whilst I’m hoping for some sunshine to last us through September (it’s possible), I’ll leave the heavy coats and cable knit jumpers for another time. I’ve curated my favourite three looks which you can shop by clicking the image.

Style Finding: The Business Of Blogging *News*

It’s been a while since my last post. There’s a reason. I’ve been squirrelling away finishing some private appointments and getting ready for my new launch. To give you some background, I’ll start at the beginning. My husband works for a top London ad agency and I spent 8 years working for market-leading UK magazines. So you could say digital is a big part of my life. My career was spent liaising with luxury brands – convincing them to advertise in print and online.

Dating Rules To Think About

Writing this post whilst almost 8 months pregnant feels a bit bizarre. Truth be told I haven’t dated anyone except my husband in four and a half years. A long time! So long in fact that I was one of the last singletons right before the launch of ‘Tinder’, ‘Happn’ and the many other weird and wonderful dating apps around right now. But take algorithm matches, pre-judged assumptions (of photographs) and pre-date online stalking out of the equation and what your left with is a pretty universal date situation. A man and woman (or two women, or two men) coming together over a glass of wine (or vegan juice) with the mutual desire to want to get to know one another. But it doesn’t come without its complications.