Let’s Talk About Anxiety

If you have symptoms that include worry, fear and tension or are always irritable or unable to concentrate, forget what people say about you being a total over reactor because chances are you have anxiety. Now anxiety comes in all forms and in terms of measurability, there’s a spectrum from a rather mild, healthy size to more serious and potentially harmful.  Personally, I do suffer with anxiety, costing me hundreds on massage bills and uncomfortable sleeping habits. I struggle with comfort eating and are prone to take things out on poor Daniel (mostly due to his frustration over my lack of communication). I’m really not one to talk to him about my problems and feelings which is actually quite bad for health and relationships generally. Sometimes I can lay awake worrying that I haven’t called my family, what people think of me and I stress that should something happen to my family, I won’t be close by. This can be caused my a number of things obviously including being over tired and if you’re a girl, probably a certain time of the month.

Everyone knows that working in the city has it’s perks. Insane restaurants on hand, always someone to have a cocktail with and if you’re single, the dating scene is the best in the world. But when you’re constantly spending your life surrounded by people and negotiating space (on the tube, in a lift, at your desk…), naturally we become a little stressed and anxious. So to help myself, I like to make a to do list and next to each one leave a little comment as to why that little mediocre job is actually going to enrich my life and why I’m thankful. Example, do food shop (lucky to have nice food available), clean house (fortunate to have a warm shelter), you get the jist.

Here are my favourite ways of dealing with anxiety…

1. CHAMOMILE; best in tea form, chamomile is renowned for its calming benefits. From £1.30, Click here to buy.

2. GREEN TEA; Even the process of sitting back and sipping slowly can be calming. Price: £1.69 Click here to buy. 

3. VALERIAN; this oil helps relax the nervous system. Burn this or vaporise at night for ultimate peace. Price £12, Click here to buy.

4. EXERCISE; helps concentration, improves mood and gives a boost in energy. 

5. SLEEP; your body needs 8 hours sleep to rest, restore and recover. 

6. SNACKS; lowers the risk of heart disease and maintains energy levels.

7. FOODS/SUGAR; avoid synthetic boots in energy followed by extreme lows and tiredness.

8. OMEGA 3; helps with depression and anxiety. Price: £6.95 Click here to buy.

9. SAUNA/STEAM; don’t sweat the small stuff. Literally.

10. SOCIALISE; good for brain stimulation, relaxing and distracting from your problems.

11. YOGA BREATHING; the process of relaxed, controlled breathing helps control moods.

12. REWARD YOURSELF; give yourself credit for understanding how to deal with it. 

13. FACE THE FEAR; heights? Snakes? Social situations? Practice makes perfect.

14. LAVENDER; the scent is proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure.

15. HEALTHY EATING; a balanced meal allows energy to release steadily.

16. WRITE; list your problems so you can visualise. 

17. HYDRATE; water your body.

18. LAUGH/WATCH an uplifting film; laughter is the best medicine for winter blues.

19. CANDLES/MASSAGE; relaxing and great for meditation.

20. PETS; natural mood enhancers.

How do you deal with anxiety? Have you tried any of these methods? 

  1. These are great methods! Chamomile tea is the best.

    Sleep issues? Try ASMR videos! It’s so very bizarre at first…almost like interactive meditation. I had no idea what I was watching when I stumbled across it, but various ASMR sleep videos have completely helped with my sleeping issues.

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