How a Stylist Styles Yellow

Hands up if you have certain pieces in your wardrobe that you reach for depending on your mood? Last year I spent the majority of my time in grey, black, navy, camel and stripe. This year though I’ve injected lots of colour into my wardrobe, namely yellow!

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It’s said that red symbolises strength (power dressing), white signifies innocence and black represents elegance. In almost every culture yellow represents happiness and joy; just like the sun.

First of all yellow is the colour of the season. So from high heels right through to gender neutral puffa jackets; whether it’s mustard, buttery hues or bright lemon there are so many new pieces in my wardrobe this Spring! Seems I’m not alone either because it’s all over Instagram and fashion blogs right now.


Style Tips

* Most of all yellow tops pop wonderfully against denim jeans and it’s the easiest way to wear the look.

* Pair with printed trousers or shoes for a bright block of colour. It looks particularly great against check.

* Sport luxe is huge right now so invest in some track bottoms or sweaters.

* If you’re not feeling brave a bold accessory is a great nod to the trend. Team with black if you’re feeling a little self conscious too.

* A two piece (skirt suit/trouser suit) is hot and as a result they’re all over the high street right now.

* Play with textures; vinyl, knits, leather and cotton.

* Try pairing with colours you’d never normally consider; bubblegum pink, teal and navy.

* Keep nails bright lemon; the brighter the hue the more flattering.



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