It’s A New Dawn, It’s A New Day

Last year I chose to write about some New Year Fashion Resolutions which gave me a positive look at what I’m already passionate about. I actually stuck to them and my wardrobe at 2017 ended on a high note! So this year, I’m going to list my intentions and plans. Forget ‘being healthy, losing weight’ etc…

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Podcast: This is something I’ve been dying to do for ages! I LOVE chatting with friends and getting really animated about topics, (politics, work, fashion, etc.) and a few have suggested it. In my recent blog focus group you guys also said you wanted one. So my mic’s on order and I’m (almost) ready to go!

Revisit YouTube: Thanks to my focus group I know you guys want to see style talks, beauty chat and social commentary. You want to hear about life in London and styling tips. So it’ll all be there. I already have a YouTube channel but only one video so please come subscribe!

Be good to myself: Not in the ‘regular massages and blow dry’ sense. I’m talking mental self care, speaking to myself internally in a positive way and reminding myself that any negative thoughts or anxious feelings are the result of something that doesn’t really exist!

More frequent newsletters: I read that you guys love my newsletter (the exclusive discounts, different content and updates) so I’ll be doing my newsletter now every fortnight. Make sure you’re signed up!

Pull back on tech: There’s no denying that our home is a hotspot for radiation. With every gadget going, my husband and I are like magpies. But there’s a time and a place and I’ll be investing more in ‘no phone evenings’.

Give Mia the best first year ever: Everyday I’m growing more and more into my new role as a mum. So I’ll be making sure Mia gets the best first year in the world – including a baby’s teddy bear picnic in the Summer! Catch up on LittleInTheCity.com.


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