Why We All Need A ‘To Do Never’ List

Why We All Need A ‘To Do Never’ List

To do lists, places to be, people to see, emails to read and plans to make… Phew. I’m tired even thinking about what I’ve got to do in the next couple of weeks. In life, in addition to thousands of other people I’m always being told how to be organised, how to be productive and how to force relaxation to train our body into winding down. It all feels a bit synthetic doesn’t it? I’m sure I’m not alone in sometimes closing my bedroom door, sighing and just saying ‘enough’. Taking out a face mask (like this calming Origins mask) and opening a bunch of flowers doesn’t hurt either.

That’s why this week, rather than stressing out and increasing blood pressure over trying to be wonder woman, I’m going to be realistic and consider for once a ‘to do never’ list. That’s right, something I don’t have to do… ever.

Never Put Myself Second

If I’m unhappy, upset or stressed I’m seriously unpleasant to be around. I once was this person who used to think if someone was annoyed with me it was their own fault. However, as I’ve matured and spent a long time with one person I’ve come to realise that my actions do impact others. So I’ll never put myself second and will always make sure I’m pleased, content and generally ok.

Never Stop Trying

My blog goals and plans for the next 9 months seem really rather unrealistic to most people. I’ve just launched LittleInTheCity.com alongside Sassy and have various upcoming projects and business endeavours in the pipeline. If I can’t pull them off I won’t punish myself (I am pregnant after all) but I’ll never stop trying.

Never Forget Where I Came From

I’ve spent the last few days back in Wales, a little town where I grew up. As I head back to London I feel grounded, chilled and in a weird way I feel much more supported. I guess that’s what seeing your family who are a long distance away from you can do. I loved passing people from over a decade ago in the streets, hearing the local accent and generally seeing what I’ve achieved.

Never Forget Who I Am

If I were to write a ‘Dear Lauren’ letter to my younger self, it would remind myself to always be me. Sure I can be indecisive but I can also be passionate, ambitious and empathetic. Knowing your qualities (and your flaws!) helps you to understand yourself better and ultimately can enhance the way you lead your life.


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