3 Life Lessons & Take Outs

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The choices we make and the options that are presented to us. Makes you think doesn’t it? I said in my last post that 2017 was the year I really grew as a woman but believe me it wasn’t all sweetness and light. Behind the scenes there was a lot going on and a lot of life lessons I can safely say are shaping how I approach 2018.

The nature of my job…

People think blogging is glamorous. It isn’t. It’s tough. Ask any blogger and they’ll tell you you need to hustle HARD. Pulling in the outfits, liaising with brands, selling ads, making contacts, promoting, getting exposure and then when you think you’re done? In comes social media. Cue growing your channels, managing your communications and then you need to find time to research, make sure your tone of voice is spot on, that your SEO is perfected (being found in Google searches) etc. The list is endless.

I love this melting pot of pressure and the reward (seeing your creative energy on screen) is worth it. But it comes with it’s challenges. I’ve always worked in teams, always been given feedback. When working in advertising, if a brand wasn’t spending in your magazine or on your website we had to know why and what could we do to get them in? Blogging isn’t like that. It’s a one man show, you’re speaking to the internet without getting much back. That’s why I love getting Instagram messages and emails from followers.

Take out: Despite best attempts, we can’t do it all. So I’ll be focusing on ways to destress, look for more help and support staff wise and taking time away to reflect on what I’ve done and ask for feedback.


Online is toxic…

I spend too much time on Instagram, too much time online. My screen time is more than it should be and I can’t remember the last time I picked up a book (Vogue and Tatler subscriptions don’t count). It’s a synthetic digital world where everything is edited, nothing is real, nothing is tangible. It can warp your perception of real life and I’m totally guilty of picking up my phone, flicking through IG, Facebook and Twitter whilst Dan’s talking to me and not taking anything in. It’s a terrible habit that I’m going to kick.

Too much time online is bad for mental health and as I said in this post about social media, we’re addicted because we either like to compare ourselves to others or get instant feedback on ourselves.

Take out: Invest more time reading books, calling friends or visiting museums.


Being less hard on myself…

Last year I achieved huge life stages all in one go. Pregnancy, a wedding, home renovations, having a baby… It was great but while that stuff was going good my blog anxiety was at an all time high. I’d hit publish and never feel fully satisfied a post was the absolute best I could’ve done.

But when my husband or friends remind me that actually, I’m doing alright, it reassures me that it’s all ok. So I’ve learned the importance of self love, self care and taking those extra moments out for myself, to do what I really want to do. Even if that is watching KUWTK or indulging in The Real Housewives of New York again.

Take out: Invest more in my mental and physical health. Don’t skip those GP appointments, sleep more and focus more on the good stuff.


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