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It’s back, welcome to the third instalment of the new series on SITC! With the rise of Instagram comes the rise of inspiration and what better way to discover minimalist greatness from all around the world than a focus on individual Instagrammers once a week?

With over 153k followers, Aurela travels around the world to showcase her fashion sense. Her style is simple, contrasting, monochrome and her belief is that clothes don’t always have to be expensive; you can still be fashionable without having to spend money on lavish items to look tasteful. Total Instagram – inspo! @aurelafashionista.





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For their #PowerWithin campaign @t3micro asked me to choose a word that makes me feel empowered – "BOLD" best describes me. Being bold made me face my fears. It made me feel stronger and empowered. My son lost his father when he was very young, which left me shocked, confused and vulnerable. I was in a foreign country with nothing and had to be a mom and a dad to him. Terrified of failing, with little knowledge of the English language and no support, I made a bold decision to go back to school. I wanted to have a career that would enable me to support my family back home and give my son the best future. Full time school during the day and full time work at night paved the way to financial independence. Achieving independence and taking care of my son on my own made me stronger. I put my love life and my passion on hold to raise my son and it was all worth it. Today, my son is graduating from #QueensUniversity, following his dreams. I'm lucky that he is aware and appreciative of all my sacrifices. He is a wonderful human being. I'm happily in love with a wonderful man. I have an amazing career. You have to have the guts and persistence to pursue and achieve what you put in your mind. Here's to all the single moms out there who struggle on a daily basis and raise their kids on their own! Be bold, be fearless! Believe me, it's all worth it ! What's your power word? #t3micro #notetoself #storetsonme

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  1. Aurela lacaj May 31, 2018 Reply

    Thank you for the feature. I’m very pleased to read to find this article that you wrote about me. Really appreciated!

    Aurela x

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