I’m Off, Goodbye

It’s been emotional!

After months of going going going, always on, switching between work and more work, you burn out. Headaches, anxiety, hyperventilation. They’re all symptoms of stress, your brains way of telling you to calm the hell down, give your mind a break.

Right now I’m at GQ, working on my blog and on a joint venture with my best friend (more details coming in Sept). It’s a lot. On top of that trying to plan a wedding and fitting in seeing my family in Wales. Working seven days a week and giving your all into everything you do will eventually take its toll.

As I write this, my shoulders aching from being on computers, laptops and phones, I’m sure of my decision. I’ve never been one to do anything half heartedly and I know I’m a bloody hard worker.

I’m about to board a plane and head to Las Vegas. It’s time for a break. Over the next week and a bit you won’t find me on the blog as I’ll be taking some time out.

In the year that I’ve been writing, I’ve agonised over photograph quality, headings and sentences.I’ve stressed out writing frequently enough to keep you guys interested and I’ve not taken a day off from blogging. I need new inspiration and I yearn for a fresh outlook for the blog. I’ll be taking time out to reevaluate where I’d like to take Sassy and what’s next. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my blog. It’s often therapeutic and keeps me sane. It’s a hobby that I couldn’t imagine not having now and my writing style has developed enormously over the past year. I look back at old posts and cringe, haha! If only I could channel that same energy into the gym.

So as from now you won’t see any new blogs uploaded for a little bit. I’ll be off enjoying some quality time with my gorgeous fiancé and reconnecting in Vegas. I’m sure there will be the odd Snapchat or Instagram though and I promise we’ll try and stay away from the in and out wedding venues there… (wry smile).

See you! Xx


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    September 13, 2016

    Babes I’m SO incredibly proud of you and everything that you’ve achieved! I go through this a fair bit when everything just becomes ‘too much’ – it’s SO important to have a digital detox and take the time out for ourselves! Have the most relaxing holiday, you deserve it girl!

    Hayley xo

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      September 13, 2016

      “Digital detox” – I like that!
      Thank you so much and thanks for sharing your experience too, so glad I’m not alone. Here’s to the new (and rested)!