August 29

If You Were To Ask Me To Choose Two Favourite H&M Looks It Would Be These


I always find the best, most favourite outfits when I’m not looking for anything in particular. I’m guessing it’s because I have more time and head space to pick and choose. But I’m a true believer in buying something I love rather than waiting until I need an outfit for something.


Some of my favourite tops that I’ve had for years are from H&M. I get a lot of my basics like vest tops, pjs and even some bits for my little girl. When they have their new season stock in, in the past I’ve definitely go a bit mad. But now that I’m living with less, making everything work, donating to charity and keeping only what I love, it’s got to be something quite special for me to keep hold of it.

This Summer, my favourite two outfits have both been from H&M. I’ve accessorised with some high end shoes, bags and bought some gorgeous earrings from Zara. So whether I’m due some coffee dates with friends, a play date for Mia or just a browse around London on my own, I have these in the wardrobe. Super comfy, practical and not that expensive!

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Khaki Top – H&M (now in the sale)

Linen Blend Trousers – H&M (see the alternatives here)

Textured Gold Earrings – Zara

White Shoes – Louis Vuitton (old season)

Red Clutch – Bell & Fox


Brown Maxi Dress – H&M (see the alternatives here)

Black Cross Body – Bell & Fox

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  1. Lisa Autumn says:

    I just looooove H&M right now!

    x Lisa |

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