How Bloggers Develop Their Confidence

As a blogger there are a few harsh realities that you need to acknowledge and accept in order to succeed. When you’re putting your life and views online for all to see, it’s important to nurture the relationship you have with you. If you don’t? Well, you’re not going to succeed. How can readers trust you and value your opinion if you don’t even have confidence in yourself or conviction in what you’re writing?

It led me to do some thinking.

As A Blogger

Confidence is in fact that rainbow under which we dance. It’s how we get closer to that treasure chest of gold at the end. It’s how we can be satisfied with our research, curate content and yep, even pose for pictures. Sure there’s the advertised self-care of bloggers – how could you write about skincare and cleansing if you didn’t do it yourself? But what about those attributes that are less visible? Personally, I think my arms are my worst feature. You wouldn’t know it if I hadn’t have told you. But rather than cry about it, I’m thankful for the fact I actually have two working limbs attached to the side of my body and the option of wearing outfits that are a little more forgiving in cut. In terms of being quietly confident, here’s how we do it without coming across as big headed or self righteous.

Stop Seeking Validation

As I scroll through 30 photographs from a morning’s shoot, I have to be quick in knowing which I’ll use and which can be binned. If I spent half an hour agonising over every single photo, I’d never leave the house let alone get any work done. Having a stronger sense of what will do and what is sub par is beneficial in not only blogging but in mastering day to day decisions. I’m not one for unnecessarily nit picking or hating photographs of myself. This in turn allows me to forget about what other people think and concentrate on what matters most.

Don’t Compare

When asked who I’d most like to be like in terms of blogging, there isn’t anyone. I like to be myself. I always say that being you is your USP. In terms of blogging, firstly I don’t take clothes (or myself) too seriously despite working for almost 10 years at luxury fashion magazines. I like to think that my style of writing and sense of humour are unique. Therefore I don’t get bothered by what others are doing which means there’s never any competitiveness or jealousy. A blog has followers for a reason. Because it’s different.

Have Attainable Goals

I’m 5ft 7 and my weight fluctuates enormously. I love a baked camembert and bar of dairy milk with a glass of wine so I’ll never be one to live clean 100% of the time and be a size 6. But instead, I know that with the right mindset I could (and was) if I really wanted to. But it doesn’t consume me. I’m my most confident when I’m happy – despite my size. So I don’t worry if I look bigger than normal in pictures or a bit gaunt in others.

Escape More

Sounds odd but when I’ve been through terrible breakups in the past or am having to end a friendship after being let down more than once, reading and story telling became an unusual confidence booster. Taking a break from reality allows the mind to get rid of doubt and fear. As a blogger, reading stories about photography greats or visiting wildlife museums can really boost my creativity and become more confident in the standard of my content.

What do you do to develop your confidence? Could you be a blogger? Xx


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    Lisa Autumn

    March 20, 2017

    Loved it! Especially number 2.. it is so important not to compare yourself..

    xx Lisa

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      March 21, 2017

      Thanks love, I know right! If we did, we’d all be exactly the same and end up merging in to one big content space.
      Thanks for your comment xx