Home Indulgences At Anthropologie

Home Indulgences At Anthropologie


Home is where the heart is and during quarantine, we’re all having to spend a lot of time there. So the question is, has your home become a complete sanctuary of peace and calm? Or, like me, has it become a mostly an uncontrollable mess with toddler toys everywhere?

For me, my home is a place I can rest, be private and be surrounded by meaningful things. There are lots of things I love in my home. The painting by Judi Green at Tregony Gallery, my favourite overhead lamp, even the kitchen tap a pull out tap and rinser that I spent hours deciding over. I think it’s so important to indulge in home pieces that you can wake up everyday to and appreciate.

Which leads me on to today’s post. I felt inspired to share with you some of my other favourite home pieces that help me live in the present. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen me sharing some much loved pieces from Anthropologie. Right now they have so many incredible pieces for the home. Here are my favourites:



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