Fresh Balayage For Upcoming Spring

Fresh Balayage For Upcoming Spring

& What It Actually Is

“I’m doing it for so many people right now, it’s so on trend” said my colourist Julien. So you guys know I love a good dark natural hair colour but after almost a whole year of being dark, I thought it’s right about time for a change. I didn’t want foils, or anything severe. Just a natural looking, textured effect that will keep my hair looking healthy and natural. Say hello to balayage, a cool new technique for highlighting hair. Dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. Therefore it’s safe to say I’m in love.

What Is it?

Balayage (French for ‘to paint’) offers beautifully natural, sun kissed look. It isn’t clumpy, patchy or stripy like some highlights I’ve had in the past. It’s completely blended, slightly ombre and soft.

Regrowth & Application

It’s perfect for lazy girls like me because there’s little to no maintenance. Unlike shellac nails, there’s no need to worry about infills or topping up the colour. Regrowth is natural and personally, the darker the roots the better.

Colour is just painted on to the hair’s surface, not from root to tip of the strand. It’s applied freehand with no fussy foil bits or hassle.

What Made It So Popular? 

Balayage is totally bespoke to you, the colour and the application. A good colourist will know which tones will really brighten your skin and bring out your best features. I wanted to avoid brassy undertones and red so we went for soft blonde that isn’t too harsh, more buttery and warm. Loads of celebs and red carpet attendees are sporting the look right now so it’s no wonder clients are bringing in photographs of what they want to emulate.


Very little. As with any coloured hair just make sure it’s protected. Right now, I use Sassoon’s colour protection range which includes a shampoo, conditioner and regular treatments. I up my heat protection too. I was told to wait two to three months before topping up – or sooner if I want to go lighter quicker. Given my super dark natural hair, it’ll take a few goes before it’s super light.

For an expert balayage experience complete with a cut, blow and treatment, I headed to Sassoon Salon in Covent Garden. I’ve made no secret of the fact they’re always my go to for professional cuts and colours so I was super excited to be pampered there the other afternoon. Cuts are £70-£158 depending on stylist, colour begins at £68 – £142 and blow drys around £35. Prices will be confirmed before the session begins.

Are you considering a new colour this season? Xx


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