Egg-cellent & Tasty Meals From Posh Eggs

Egg-cellent & Tasty Meals From Posh Eggs

70 Wonderful Eggy Recipes

Living in the city can exhaust you. Working a full-day week, blogging daily and working on an exciting project with your best friend at every possible moment (which by the way is coming this August),  can take its toll leaving you to feel utterly worn out.

When your love is a huge protein fiend and often finishes work late, sometimes all he wants is to come home to a cuddle and a plate of nice hot food. So you can imagine, I feel a little bad when I answer the door in a face mask and Ugg slippers, more concerned with Snapchat than making sure his belly is full.

If I have time, then sometimes I will of course welcome him into the home with open arms and beautiful smells coming from the kitchen. If he’s lucky, there will be a few courses prepared (rarely, ha) but come on, anybody living in London will know that sometimes, for tea, you just want to have a bag of crisps.

Well… except then you realise you’re on a diet and must live healthily so you opt for a quick dish of eggs and a little something. We all know how filling eggs can be which is why they’re great, any time of the day.

Posh Eggs is a stylish little hard back book with over 70 recipes using eggs.

For the kind of diet I’m currently on, it’s a total God send because it gives you varied recipes that are nutritious and delicious and the best bit: they’re often super quick to make.

The book is cleverly split into sections including Breakfast Eggs, Lunch Eggs, Snack Eggs and Supper Eggs, finishing with Desserts and Drinks so you can quickly and efficiently find what you’re looking for.

In addition to the stunning photography (which really is so, so good), even the descriptions used for each of the methods are enough to make your mouth water. There are some amazingly sophisticated recipes such as the pink pickled eggs (infused with beetroot, spices and bay), soups such as thick lemon and egg and there’s even a chic take on oeufs au plat (literally, eggs on a plate). So there really is something for everyone whether you’re a Delia Smith in the kitchen or more of a student without a clue.

Personally, the Green Shakshuka is something that I’ll definitely be making time and time again.

As a child I disliked eggs. When I got into my teens though, venturing off alone to University and started eating out at lovely restaurants, that’s when I realised just how delicious and versatile they can be. Dig deeper and you’ll discover that eggs are used in most culinary adventures. When combined with some pleasing ingredients like salty meats, vegetables, herbs and certain spices, the possibilities are endless, as these 70 recipes prove. So whether you’re in the mood for a lovely breakfast crumpet with eggs and bacon or a Turkish Menemen, this book will have anything to suit your fancy.

Posh Eggs, £12.99 in hardback

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