The products and services that I blog about are both purchased and gifted. Expect to read honest and genuine views, opinions and reviews. However please don’t be alarmed when you can’t find anything negative. I made a decision when I first started blogging to keep things positive. I believe that beauty and style is unique to each individual. So what doesn’t agree with me or my skin (for instance), may not be the same for you. So I don’t go down that route. Instead you can find things that I love and truthfully have confidence in. In addition, what I cover is also at my discretion. I am under no obligation by anyone or any service provider.

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I am registered with rewardStyle’s affiliate scheme. This means that some of the URL links might generate a very small percentage of revenue for me if you purchase something after clicking on them. This does not cost you, the reader and the customer, anything. This does not influence my content in any way. I very often include brands that aren’t affiliated with any commission scheme.

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