Colour & Positive Affirmations

Earlier this year I dressed for my mood. What I mean is, very often my washing machine would only see grey, black, brown, blue and sometimes the occasional camel. It was a bit dreary. Like my mood! But come the back end of 2018 my attitude and wardrobe has each seen a noticeable shift. As you’ve probably noticed over on my Instagram, right now I’m totally loving colour. There’s something to be said about colours lifting your mood and paired with some positive affirmations, not only does your inner security get better, your outlook on life can improve too.



daily affirmations.


“I’m safe and comfortable in my own body”

“I am aware of my power and all that I can achieve”

“I am unique and beautiful”

“My mind is powerful and I will care for it”

“I will nourish my body with colourful and natural food”

“I draw love and acceptance into my life”

“I’m open to new ideas and creativity”

“I am going to rest and love myself”



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Coat – River Island

Jumper – (Similar) ASOS

Belt – Gucci

Skirt – Fashion Union

Boots – Kurt Geiger



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